You are deary loved
A Personal Message from Lee Carroll
Welcome to the Kryon Family!
Lee CarrollAs a welcome gift, I would like to send you my free mini series, "Seven Parables"When you sign up to the right, you'll get seven emails over a three week period with chapters from my book "The Parables of Kryon".

Kryon parables are simple stories that illustrate a lesson or moral. The real meanings often await further discovery through deeper examination and relate to how human beings react in specific circumstances. Each parable includes notes from me about the real meaning behind the rich metaphor. I hope you enjoy them! Go ahead and sign up and we'll get started!

For 23 years, I've been privileged to travel worldwide meeting wonderful people just like you. I can tell there's something special about us because when we meet, there's a remembrance.  We just KNOW we aren't strangers and never have been. That's because we're family.

Kryon says, "The "family" is the family of Earth! It represents the family of Humans... not of countries." And so I welcome you to this virtual gathering of your global spiritual family. There will be many "reunions" where we gather in person as well, so watch for those. I look forward to meeting you there.

Blessings to you,
Lee Carroll

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