From Lee Carroll

Channel for Kryon

On the morning of July 1, we lost Petra Ostergaard. In that moment, Gaia's energy was reduced and the angelic realm gained a new, glorious color.

Petra was the force behind numerous translations of the Kryon channelled books published by Steve and Petra Ostergaard in the German language. She and Steve also maintained the German-language Kryon website and Petra made certain that the most recent channellings of Kryon from around the world were translated and available to German-language readers. Since Petra also channelled Kryon herself, she had special insight into the often difficult attributes of the translation of esoteric information from one language to another.

Petra left us quickly, seemingly by a massive blood clot to the heart - without warning, sickness, or even a chance for us to say good-bye. At 53, she was a vibrant, beautiful woman, making plans with Steve for the future.

The angels came that day and did their job - taking Petra and leaving us in shock and mourning. Within hours we were to begin a two-day Kryon seminar in Munich. Our team's hearts were emotionally flattened and our eyes drained and emptied of our tears. When we met with Steve, we could hardly speak. Each of us had emotionally retreated to where Human minds go for protection, when reality presents things that are too difficult to ponder or understand.

I yelled to God that "It wasn't fair!" Here was a Lightworker in her prime years, helping our planet by doing "the heavy lifting." Why Petra? Why now?

Within the channelling at the seminar on July 3, Kryon addressed this issue. He told us that the entity we knew as Petra was taken early as "her reward." He said that at the moment she was passing through the Cave of Creation, picking up her essence, and about to move into the Hall of Honor, where all would begin their celebration of her return.

Kryon said, "Fair? Would any one of you wish to deny this precious family member of this reward? She has done her work and gets to come home early!" It gave us a new perspective on how Spirit sees Human Death. May her reward somehow temper our sorrow.

I'm not able to celebrate with the angels just yet... perhaps in time I will. But right now I'm a bit selfish... I miss her! I'm having difficulty with the hole that has been left in my heart, and in those hearts around me as I write this note to you from Germany. Her passing has impacted many in Europe and in America.

When Petra walked with us, many called her their Angelic Sister. She had that attribute - taking your hand and walking with you in her rose garden - speaking of her joy, the love of God, and the way the universe works to create good things. Her garden is far grander now, but I still feel her hand, her love, and her guiding wisdom within the small garden she left with us.

Please send your love and light to Steve and the children as they begin to navigate new waters without Petra in their lives.

Lee Carroll - July 4, 2005