Here are some frequently asked questions about our Kryon website and general subjects...
Updated 11/2016

  • Why don't you have more written channellings on your site?
    Can we purchase audios of KRYON's channeling?
    Are there videos available of Lee's channelling?

    Answer: (1) We have featured over 170 of some of the best and most recent channellings over the years, available for free to print out (over 500 pages). You can find them HERE. Also, many don't realize that each month the major Kryon channelling, no matter where it is presented on Earth, is published by the Sedona Journal of Emergence. Want to know how to subscribe? Click HERE.

    Answer: (2) For some years now, Lee has made everyting that KRYON channels, available at no charge. Click HERE to see our FREE MP3 channelling and book downloads. No information is needed, no email, just FREE!

    Answer: (3) Yes! We started in 2005 releasing a few high quality and well-produced channelling and documentary videos of the Kryon work You can see previews of them HERE. These DVDs continue to be reduced to half price, so that more can have them before we are out of them. We also have a FREE video section, which also contains many channellings. Click HERE.

    From Lee Carroll:
    "We walk a fine line, having to earn our living doing spiritual work, so we are very careful about the balance we strike on our website. You will notice that on our site there is no place to buy anything unless you go find it, and absolutely no place that asks for money... ever. I wish to keep the commercial store as small and simple as possible, and keep the products uncomplicated. There will be a pay-per-view video now and then, but those are speical meetings. On this website I wish to concentrate on free resources and articles, including the free audio channellings each month. This is all in keeping with my goal, and within the spirit of the web."

  • How can I find out what Kryon has to say regarding certain subjects?
    Answer: There are two ways: (1) First, we offer an on-line alphabetized list of subjects channelled by Kryon. It is referenced up thorugh Kryon Book 11. You can see this list HERE. The list may surprise you in its completeness. It takes 40 pages to print out!

    (2) Secondly, we encourage you to check out the Kryon Q&A section with questions submitted by the readers. Over a year and a half of questions have been indexed alphabetically for your convenience. You can find the index of subjects HERE. It's becoming one of the best sources of information for many people... and (of course) it's free.

  • Why don't you have a message board? Didn't you used to?
    Answer: Yes we did. We found that message boards are "open to the public... planetwide!" We wish there were a way of keeping out the self-styled gurus and those who want to argue with everything, and instead just have a place for Lightworkers, but you can't do that without membership, and Lee doesn't want to have anyone have to "join" anything. Therefore we have moved all this to FACEBOOK, where there is a much kinder and more enthusiastic group of those of like mind. Remember, on FACEBOOK there is no "don't like" button. If you don't like something, you just move on. What a great idea! Click HERE.

  • Since Kryon initiated the whole subject of Indigo Children in Kryon Book 6, why isn't there more info about these kids on this site?
    Answer: The subject of the Indigo Children was so popular, Jan Tober and Lee Carroll wrote three complete books on it, and the Indigo subject got its own website. You can find it HERE. With the help from intiutitve Nancy Tappe, Jan and Lee introduced the concept of Indigo Children to the planet in 1999. Since then, there have been multiple Indigo related books by many fine authors, a couple of movies, and a documentary. There is plenty of information, and now many, many websites. The latest Indigo book is "The Indigo Children Ten Years Later," Hay House, released January 2009.

  • Do you keep a record of who visits your site?
    Answer: No. As you might have noticed, we seldom ask for Emails for you to enter any section of the website (The Get Connected section is the only one), and we don't collect these for marketing. We have also disengaged the "cookies" feature of our server. There is no record of who looks at our site. We believe this is in keeping with the original "Spirit of the web." Even on our Kryon commercial on-line store, there is nothing electronic that will remember that you bought any Kryon products and send you an email.

  • Did Kryon Leave?
    Answer: No. Those who follow the Kryon work know that for over a year after 2002, channelled messages clarified that only the Kryon "Grid Group" left. You can see that Kryon address this subject HERE in the website Q&A section. It was also channelled and transcribed in Feb. of 2002 in Reno, Nevada (It's the 14th question, HERE.) It is also covered in Kryon Book Nine, pages 198, 229, and 318. Kryon continues to channel loving messages for the new energy.


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