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Below are the nine most visited and asked-for areas...
Number ONE
Free Audio channelling and/or book MP3 downloads:
Want free audio? No registration. No emails collected... just free. More than 100 hours! Click here
Number two
Want free video? No registration. No emails collected... just free. Travel, meditation... FUN! Click here
Number Three
What are you into?? !!
Did you ever hear a friend or family member ask this, with growing alarm, as you showed a Kryon book to someone? Are we weird and cultish? Is the "New Age" something really strange? Here is a full explanation of what Metaphysics is about, for those who are interested enough to wish to know. It's the introduction to Kryon Book 7. Click here to go there.
Number four
Big Q&A Index
has indexed the many questions from the readers over 2 years in an easy to use alphabetical list. Take a look! Your question might be there. Click here to go there.
Number five
Lee Carroll
LECTURES, Q&A, and more! Finally available are the lectures that have only been heard if you attend a KRYON seminar. Click here for the menu.
Number Six
The Kryon Seminar Schedule:
Here you will find the full Kryon Seminar schedule for upcoming meetings, events, and cruises. See if we are coming to your area. Click here to go there.
Number Seven
The Kryon Seminar Scrapbook:
Photos of the recent Kryon events for the past years... very fun... lots of folks having a good time. Click here to go there.
Number Eight
The Kryon Transcribed Channellings:
Over 100 of the best channellings from the past years. They change, so go there often.
Click here
Number nine
Frequently Asked Questions:
Want to see the questions that are most-asked? Click here to go there.


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