(February 1, 2002)
It’s Monday, October 8, the first day after our 2-day Hamburg Germany seminar. What a delightful and fulfilling experience! The international Kryon team was all there. Lee, Robert Coxon, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Peggy and Steve Dubro and myself. For most of us, it was our first visit to Germany.

One week earlier, Lee and I had stopped in London on the way to Hamburg for some Kryon business meetings. We felt much uneasiness in the city. We were staying very close to parliament, and half a block from The New Scotland Yard. Only blocks away were Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and other treasured historical monuments of London. We were convinced that the seeming unrest was due to the unrest regarding the recent terror in New York, with projected fear in this important UK area. Added to this feeling was the reality of our being evacuated from our hotel with a false fire alarm early in the morning on our departure day.

While I was in London I was awakened each day in the early morning by Kryon and my “home room” team, the Council of Thirty-Three. I was asked to do Earth healing work, and I could feel our energy connected to so many of you who have given permission to assist in the Earth family challenges at this time. I now understand why so many of us needed to go through our personal “death phantom” (or similar) experiences to step into the courage to hold the energy of love with such conviction at a time when it was so needed. Both Lee and I felt the tension diminish as we got to the airport to leave for Germany. By the time we were in the air, headed for Hamburg, it felt ‘normal’ again.

Our team was completely overwhelmed by the power of this overseas
seminar. Added to this was our consensus that we were swept away by the love, kindness and consideration we received from our German audience. We also were given red carpet treatment from our Hamburg seminar host Jurgen Lipp, and our German publishers Konrad Halbig and Steve and Petra Ostergaard (representing all 8 Kryon books and the 2 Indigo Children books). In short, we were humbled by our reception in this beautiful country.

Our seminar audience in Hamburg had traveled from all over Europe: Ireland, England, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, France, etc. Their Metaphysical dedication was profound! Again I found myself looking into the eyes of dear, precious family. Imagine 750 people for a 2-day seminar, coming together in unity and compassion, celebrating our loving world family. We concentrated on world peace. We reminded ourselves to hold the light of truth in our hearts and remain in stillness, even as around us was fear and sadness.

As we completed the final day and hours of the seminar, we were greeted by a standing ovation that seemed to go on and on. Just when they seemed to be finished applauding, they started cheering and waving with both arms! We felt fully embraced by everyone. Then they waved goodbye. Tears ran down my face because they had waited so long and had been so patient for the Kryon team to finally come to their country. During the last hours of the seminar we had prayed for the world leaders, giving Light to them and asking that their “Higher Selves” be activated. We asked that those who were filled with fear, hatred, terror and anger would be able to let the light of Spirit into their hearts. Later, we all realized the synchronicity of our timing… one hour after we had dismissed; the missiles were launched that began the American war on terrorism.

As we left our hotel, one dear German lady who delivered my dry cleaning to me in our hotel said something that was so touching. As she handed me my garment she had tears in her eyes. She touched my hand and said with much emotion and a soft German accent, “I’m sorry for all the people in New York.” Indeed, she also felt the family connection.

We found Hamburg and the love of the German people to be a wonderful experience that we will all hold in our hearts forever.

Auf Wiedersehen
Jan Tober