Hello to you all! Normally this is a place for me to speak to you personally. However, for this article I thought you might wish to see something that won’t be generally circulated. As most of you know, many of the current channellings of Kryon are presented on this website under the ‘channeling” button on the main menu, and not within the electronic pages of this magazine. I’m going to violate that rule and give you a channelling that will only be published here and one other place. Last month the Sedona Journal of Emergence asked me to channel something from Kryon, for their up-coming “Predictions Issue.” In a slightly condensed version, I present this channelling for you, below. It will only be seen
in the Sedona magazine, and right here!

Greetings, Dear Ones:
Before we begin, we ask you this: As you sit there reading, how do you find the Human situation at the moment? Do you tear into these messages because you are racked with fear, hoping for solace and a reassuring message of love? Are you one of those who has been affected by the energy shift, the grid change, and the world situation, and find yourself in a constant state of worry or anxiety? Or, perhaps, you are one who sees the exact same situation as the others, but understands what is happening? Is your glass of life half-empty or half-full?

Let us review. Back in 1989 [Kryon Book One] we foretold of a time just like this. We indicated that you had changed the very fabric of reality itself. You were going to void your prophesied end-times scenarios, and you did. You were going to facilitate a large magnetic grid shift, and you did. Weather patterns would change all over your earth. Seen any? And we told you about a consciousness shift that would pit family against family, and demand that you make decisions you never thought you would have to make. Some of you are in that very situation right now.

In 1999 we gave you additional information. We told you that there could be no more “fence sitting” regarding your religious leaders. We told you [Kryon Book 8] that those who professed to love God could not do so and live a lie. We told you that the largest problems you would face would be about integrity, peaceful purpose, and dealing with an energy that would turn everything upside-down. Now you start to understand. In Israel in 2000, we again mentioned “as go the Jews, go earth.” Now some of you are beginning to understand that statement, as well.

A change of reality actually means that your history is over! It means that everything you were told about energy, conspiracies, old civilization prophesies, and even your most sacred books, are in question. When your Humanity-train went to another track, all of what was behind you left your past. In an interdimensional way, we tell you the unfathomable….that your past has been cleared as well as your future. This means that humanity is not a slave to any setup, or group, or prophesy that has ever been given or developed over time.
It means that you are able to take this new energy and mold civilization and the integrity issues involved, in any way you wish. It means that you can look around for yourselves, and see everything that is.

Just look around you! Are you afraid of what is happening in your large business? How about your financial markets? Are you worried that your largest religions are being torn apart with disclosure of integrity issues? Are you waiting for the “other shoe” to drop? Are you aghast that the enemies of your lifestyle have attacked you just because you wish to have free spiritual choice?

Now let me tell you something: Everything you are seeing is part of a grand plan that your humanity gave permission for on the 11:11. Everything you are seeing is a consciousness battle! Look around. The Middle East could no longer wallow in limbo. As we told you, the issues that have been there for thousands of years must be settled. It’s all part of your plan…getting off the fence. We also gave you a time-line for the potentials over there, that you won’t see much resolution until 2008.

You can’t have businesses that shape your own culture’s financial success, existing as the shell of mistrust and back-room dealings. They must conform to new standards that you are creating….ones that are different than any in the history of your cultural structure. Did you ever think of that? Will this instability stop anytime soon? No. Look forward to more of the same, as those who have been hiding the truth about financial matters begin to scramble to decide how to reveal the truth about their dealings. There is another large one about to fall, and it’s in an industry that may surprise you. Look to what you call you insurance business…one of the largest businesses on the planet. There is much hiding there.

There was once a monolithic behemoth consciousness that controlled the world’s commerce. It was based in the country you call Greece. It was private, secret, and pulled the market-strings of earth. Until the late 80’s it assassinated leaders, controlled stock markets, and influenced governments and entire countries to its beck and call. It was part of an enslavement plan, and was well documented in the history of secrets on the planet. Did you know this?

One of the most amazing things that has happened to you is that with your reality shift—your permission to change earth—you passed a shadow of fear to that group, back in 1987. They have suffered ever since in their efforts to keep control, and in 2001 they completely lost it. Proof? Just look at your stock market. Does it look controlled? For the first time in the history of the United States, your financial markets are free-wheeling, and are totally in your hands. They are vacillating, trying to find a “real” center as they react freely to the integrity items before them. Watch… as business is centered and validated for it’s accounting honesty, the markets will react also. Watch… as your churches settle their issues of “claiming to believe one thing, yet doing another,” the foundations of your reality will take shape. You have the opportunity for the strongest financial markets that have ever been seen in your country’s history.

The house you once lived in needs to be torn down, and the foundation inspected and scraped clean. Once the foundation is settled, and agreement is reached on what it should look like, then you may rebuild. As you do, you will have a choice about all things. What will your society look like? How can you solve the unsolvable in the Middle East? What will you teach your children? The children of the earth are changing also, and this information was brought to you over 4 years ago [Kryon Book 6] when we spoke of the new breed of children… all those being born on earth right now, as the Indigo life color. No matter what the variations or changes in the children from here on, they are all part of this new breed. It’s the description of a changing DNA for Humanity, and a change in consciousness in the evolution of Humans in general.

Your churches have only begun to shift. Watch for another belief system to fall short of expectations…another one that must undergo a clarification of what it stands for. The integrity issues of humanity are not sequestered to just a few organizations, and not just the western ones, either. This cleanup is going to be earth-wide. What does religion really teach? What have men made of it for their own benefit? Watch for power mongers in high places to fall… some of them with their sacred hats still in place.

Half-empty or half-full? Can you look upon all this with tempered eyes and a wisdom that allows for the dust of the cleanup? If you can, you are among those who will survive this great division. You are seeing what historians will call, “The next dispensation.” It will be a dispensation of solution…where humanity finally decides what it wants to do on earth, and how it wishes to live.

Don’t curse the darkness! Light a candle! Watch, as the largest institutions continue to be called into the battle for integrity… church, political, institutional, and financial. The result is not a collapse, but a rebuild that is far stronger than any of your fore-fathers ever imagined that humanity could do.

The grid will be finished at the end of this year, but it will be until March of 2003 that the residual of these changes will last. Don’t start new projects in this difficult period. Wait until after March of 2003 for the best results.

Blessed is the Human who understands that the glass of life is half-full… half full of promise and peaceful purpose…of wisdom and clarity for Humanity. This is the one who will end up saving the very earth itself.

In Love,