(February 1, 2002)

Have you ever been to a circus and noticed how elephants are tied by slender little ropes to a pole or stake in the ground? Elephants are huge creatures and they believe once they are tied up that they are “imprisoned,” although with their strength they could easily walk away. Even if the elephants’ ropes were untied from the stake, they would continue to walk in circles because they have become accustomed to limitations. It is an analogy many people can relate to as part of our own lives. We can give ourselves freedom to explore and expand or limit ourselves to the bondage of our thoughts and circumstances. What are you expecting and envisioning in your daily life? We can attain instant freedom through a change of thoughts and focusing energy on what we want. To evolve means to roll out and unfold—to set free; to develop gradually by a process of growth and change. In my book, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire, I mention that the last four letters of the word, evolve are LOVE spelled backwards. We evolve through the ebb and flow of our daily lives and learning curves are always present. To resolve means to change or transform, to cause to dissolve or melt. In its Latin roots, resolve means, “to untie.” A resolution is making a clear decision for our heart’s vision with clarity and excitement.

My friend, Gwen, shared a cute story about Bunny, a real life rabbit and pet of her sister, Kate, who has a sunken living room with one step down. They carry Bunny in there and she will stay for hours hopping and walking around in circles. She never seems to figure out that she can hop up to freedom to the rest of the house with one simple step. Gwen says Bunny also goes under the coffee table and she will hop and bump her head over and over. Bunny doesn’t seem to learn. Gwen and Kate can walk away and Bunny will still be waiting hours later for someone to carry her out. Is that an interesting metaphor or what? Maybe that’s where the expression “dumb bunny” originated. Self-imposed limitations can be dissolved as soon as we become more conscious by focusing on what we want. We can release attitudes, people and situations that aren’t serving us – not by pushing against and complaining, but by focusing on what we DO want. What we think about expands positively or negatively. Do you remember dancing the Bunny Hop years ago—three steps forward and one step back? Life is like that too. When Gwen shared this story of Bunny with me, I knew it would be a future column. As Gwen says, Bunny is perfectly content to follow the same path over and over when just one adventurous step would open a whole new world for her! This gives new meaning to "step/hop in the right direction.” Truly, the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.

Seagoing ships and rowboats also share a common universal problem…called barnacles. These tiny creatures attach themselves to the hulls underneath the vessels. If they are allowed to remain, their weight prevents boats from sailing at optimum speed. For many people, this past month has been one of “scraping lots of barnacles.” If we don’t release these barnacles (anger, resentments, etc), they build, cling and stay with us. If we want smoother sailing, we must focus on our heart’s desires and highest outcomes.

Time is measured by the STARS and SEASONS but Life is measured in DREAMS and LOVE. — Bingham

Getting SILLY can be a very worthwhile pastime too as we evolve. Terry Lynn Taylor says, “Every once in a while, silliness might be next to godliness. LAUGHTER frees emotional blockages and creates magical release, as it tickles our souls to giggle. A good joke can strike our “funny bone” anytime--even when we least expect it. It changes the vibration of everything! Someone
who knowingly lied in a deposition recently caused an attack of sidesplitting humor for the others present after the session had concluded. That piece of testimony was so ridiculous and absurd that it released a tremendous amount of stress and pressure resulting in deep belly laughs later, even though the situation itself was very serious. Bette Meddler said, “Humor is disarming.” If you want to laugh out loud, rent the video “Saving Grace” where gleeful guffaws are guaranteed.

BLESSED are those who can LAUGH at our self. We shall never cease to be AMUSED.
(Magnet saying)

Abraham Hicks says, “Success is only measured in terms of JOY.” He also shares, “Those who don’t have goals will work for those that do.” How are you flowing your energy? Follow your heart and trust your gut. Evolve and take deliberate steps forward in being the delicious co-creator of your life. Remember, plant your dreams and miracles will grow. Shine on!
Sharon A. Warren, M.A. is a catalyst for transformation and empowers people through her life changing classes and teachings. Before moving to Arizona, she taught at Indiana-Purdue University in Indiana, for 17 years and received rave reviews about the positive effects of her courses. Sharon is an accomplished business professional, event coordinator and co-founder of Amazing Grace Unlimited with her husband, Duaine Warren. You can order her book, Magnetizing Your Heart’s Desire from her web site: www.amazinggracenow.com or for autographed copies fax 24 hours a day at (480) 816-9960.
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