World Politics & Economy

President Bush’s popularity continues to decline slowly.

Governor Schwarzenegger does not fare much better with his popularity and will
not be re-elected.

We see our government become more lenient and not as conservative.

There will be a plan at the end 2006 to begin to bring the troops home –
groups at a time.

Senators Kerry and McCain will run for President in the next election.

The economy does get better and even from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, people begin to rebuild.

Real estate still stays in a great bubble that doesn’t burst, even with an increase
in interest rates.


The weather, I hate to say, will even be worse than it has been. The Northeast will have a very harsh winter but it comes later during the winter season.

There will be many floods in the Southeast in the spring.

The Midwest will have more tornadoes than ever before during the spring and fall.

Hurricanes hitting the Northeast in the fall will be even worse than last year.

Two more earthquakes in Asia will hit in the spring.

There will be small quakes in California and Washington State.

We are in for a more warming trends which causes high winds, rains, floods, tornadoes, etc.


New diabetes insulin replacement will be ready late summer.

We are closing in on a vaccination for cancer and stomach problems.

M.S. and ALS will have a break- through in the hypothalamus gland.

The hormone for weight control that I have been predicting will ready for consumption in the fall. It’s already developed.

There will be a breakthrough in SIDS showing it’s an allergy.

There will not be a worldwide bird flu pandemic.


Britney Spears will get a divorce finding her husband is not what she thought
he was.

Bruce Willis also marries a very young woman.

I still see a problem for Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas’ marriage.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt marry.

Jennifer Anniston gets married.

Russell Crowe gets into trouble again even though on probation.

Jennifer Lopez should be careful of her health. Also she gets pregnant.

Nicole Kidman marries someone who is a producer and has a girl.

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