A favor for good friends…

Here is something I never do, but I think you will see the intent fairly quickly. This note is not a standard metaphysical message, but rather a favor for two Lightworkers that I have worked with for a decade. They are offering their Colorado home for sale, and I wish to preview it here, in the Kryon E-Magazine as a favor. So, if you are not the least bit interested, it's time to move on to something else on our web site.

Drs. Sid and Amber Wolf are the facilitators of our past Journey Home retreats, and the current Discovery Retreat we are now offering. They own a magnificent 4,500 square foot home in a seemingly wilderness area ten minutes outside of Lyons Colorado. They are selling this home for what they built it for (buyer's market) and I wish to help for reasons you will see in a moment.

I believe in synchronicity. This is a dome house, especially built for healing work and environmental attributes. It has its own well, and is on 98 acres of private space, shared by only 9 homes! It's absolutely perfect for a Lightworker out there who is looking to come to Colorado to do healing work, or just be in a serene area that has magic spiritual energy.

If you are this person, no real estate firm will be able to tell you that the house has had years of meditation and Qigong, with multiple rooms for facilitations. The values for those who feel energy is far different from those who are only measuring floor space. I have personally stayed there many times and continue to marvel at the peacefulness of the area and the welcoming energy that awaits me every time I visit. It's unique and beautiful.

No, I don't have an interest in it, and no, I'm not on commission.

I'm on a mission to alert someone out there that this exists, and right now it's at the lowest price ever. 20,000 people view our front page every day. Among them, there might be one who is looking for the synchronicity I present on this page.

Want to see the photos and the details?



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