1. When meeting someone for the first time and you feel uneasy, do you:
(a) Ignore it completely
(b) Acknowledge it and ask yourself: "Why do I feel uneasy?"
(c) Explain it away - thinking it’s your just nerves

2. When you get a gut feeling NOT to drive down a particular road, do you:
(a) Stop and think of the time it will take to drive the alternative route
(b) Quickly decide to trust it and take the alternative route
(c) Stick with the normal route, as it’s never been a problem before

3. You’re thinking of changing jobs, and you got a strong feeling about one company over another, would you:
(a) Still consider all the opportunities
(b) Think long and hard to see if you’re getting a clearer answer
(c) Ask your friends for advice

4. When you walk into a room with a lot of strangers, do you:
(a) Wander around looking at everyone being polite
(b) Gravitate towards a part of the room or group of people that feels right
(c) Stand on your own and wait for someone to come up and talk to you

5. When faced with making an important decision do you:
(a) Ask as many people as you can for their advice and weigh up the odds
(b) Take your time to think about it and see if you get a stronger feeling one way or another
(c) Make a conscious decision and trust it was the right one

6. You had an interesting dream and feel that it was trying to tell you something.
Do you:

(a) Keep it in the back of your mind and decide to buy a book on dreams at
some point
(b) Write out the dream and look for the symbols and try to see if it pertains to anything that is happening in your life right now
(c) Dismiss it and decide that dreams are just your imagination playing out in
your sleep

7. When more prosperity is needed in your life, do you:
(a) Believe that there is only so much prosperity to go around and accept that
(b) Make a list of all the different ways to bring more prosperity in your life
(c) Know that hard work and lots of hours brings in the money

8. You keep thinking of a family member that you haven’t seen in awhile, so do you decide to:
(a) Let it go because that person has not contacted you in a long time
(b) Write a letter or call the person and discover they were also thinking of you
(c) Call someone else and ask if they’ve heard from that family member

9. You enter a room or location that you have never been to before, and you feel uncomfortable. Do you:
(a) Decide to leave immediately
(b) Quickly ask yourself why you feel that way
(c) Explain it away as your imagination

10. You come up with a new idea that would make a great invention, so do you:
(a) Think someone else must have come up with this idea and just let it go
(b) Investigate the market to see if there’s a similar product, and then pursue
the idea
(c) Decide that it would be too much work and give the idea to someone else

If you have chosen mostly (b’s) then you are clearly acting on and trusting your intuition. Intuition is the language of the soul. We’re all born aware with a profound sense of inner-knowing. It’s one of the greatest gifts we possess, which keeps us connected to our higher selves, the universe, and to our divine spirit. At one time or another, we will all experience flashes of intuition, especially when it’s vying for our attention. It’s those hunches, or gentle nudges, that we so often ignore or try to wave off as being simply our imagination – only to find out later that it was correct.


Everyone will develop their intuition in their own way, in their own time. Do not rush. Take all the time you need. It took you many years to pull away from your natural intuitive abilities, so finding your way back will not happen overnight. Are you ready to begin? Let’s find a room that you can set aside, just for you — a room for meditation or a place to get in to a quiet space. Intuition often comes in a whisper and it is best to be in a place that is quiet, where you can devote the time to working with your intuitive abilities. If you don’t have enough space for a room of your own, then maybe a certain corner of another room, or a place where it can be just yours during your quiet time. I also suggest recording in a journal what you are receiving. Shut off the computer. The email will wait. Unplug the phone, if you want total peace.

Here are a few useful tips!

We’re all equipped with a complex and highly tuned inner-guidance system, which we can access and use anytime we wish. Receiving intuitive information is all about energy, and people, places, and objects are all comprised of it. Since you too are energy, you can receive and read information via your intuitive senses. So trust . . . and give yourself permission to explore, play, and develop your intuitive ability so that you can see yourself – and the world – in a way you never thought possible!

Sometimes answers aren’t always found on the outside, but can be discovered within. Intuitive guidance can be yours when you learn to still the mind. How do you silence that mind chatter? Meditation. Try different meditation techniques. Practice for at least 15 minutes a day, just for one week. You’ll quickly notice your conscious thoughts becoming quieter, and intuitive guidance will start to flow. Also, by meditating regularly, you’ll find that all areas of your life will benefit. Enjoy the stillness.

You already possess the most fundamental piece of intuitive equipment. You need look no further than your own physical body for answers. The next time you’re making a decision, just pause for a moment, breathe deeply, and focus on your body. Begin to notice how it’s trying to talk to you. It could be a gut response, a tingle up your spine, a hunch, or an emotion. Embrace what you’re feeling as your body works in partnership with your intuition.

Dreams are an excellent way for our intuitive mind to speak to us, so creating a Dream Journal is a good way to start this process. Before you go to sleep tonight, ask your intuition a specific question that you need answered. As soon as you awaken and before your feet touch the floor, write down what stood out in the dream – the people, places, and more important, the emotion in the dream. Try to interpret what your dream is telling you, and look for intuitive symbols and answers to your question.


John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium who has spent more than 20 years investigating and developing his abilities as a spirit messenger. When John lectures to full-capacity audiences throughout the country, he refers to himself as the cable between the two phones: "I’m just the middleman."

For more information about John Holland and a list of his upcoming appearance, visit his website at www.johnholland.com