by Takara

Things are moving fast these days. Events are occurring that you never anti-cipated. Dear friends are suddenly ill or dead. Happy kids are suddenly severely depressed to the point of suicide. You lose your job after 20 years. There is a car wreck here and an accident or illness there. What the heck is happening?

Well, it isn't just the acceleration of what you might deem "bad." Everything is accelerating including your ability to heal and your ability to grow personally and expand your consciousness.

Magic is everywhere and it is exhilarating - or it is horrible. And the choice is entirely up to you.

You have created whatever you are experiencing. Your subconscious beliefs have drawn to you the people, the circumstances, and the unexpected things that are happening at rocket speed in your life right now.

So what can you do about it?

You need to learn to surf. Ride the wave instead of crashing and being pounded under the surf and left for dead, beaten and battered on the shore.

Have you ever seen Lilo and Stitch? It’s a great movie on many levels. Stitch is a created destroyer being from some distance galaxy that was sentenced to death because he was programmed to destroy. He escaped and fled to a little island named Hawaii on a little planet called Earth where he pretended to be a dog and became the pet of a little girl going through a great deal of emotional turmoil.

When it seemed things couldn't get any worse, a friend suggested that when there is nothing else, there is always surfing. So they all head for the beach.

Stitch is terrified of water and big waves would be intimidating to anyone. Everything you need to know about surfing through life is captured in Stitches expressions and his experience.

At first there is terror. It is the unknown. Once you are on the board you either have to stay on it or you will be pounded in the surf. There are no other options. He hangs on for dear life to the leg of the older sister. And slowly he realizes that she knows what she is doing and that they aren't going to crash. Then comes
the euphoria and exhilaration of riding the wave, hair blowing in the breeze,
there is nothing like it. It is grand. It is wonderful. It is better than anyone could have dreamed.

And that is what your life can be.

When the unexpected happens, you have to step into the unknown. The waves are crashing. You have no choice about that. You can get on the board and try to ride or you can give up and be pounded by the waves. It’s entirely your choice.

In order to ride, you have to fully feel the uncertainty and discomfort of where you are. And then you have to follow your intuition, your inner guidance, your inner knowing, and TRUST that it knows what its doing and that everything is as it should be.

It is scary. It can even be terrifying. And you might be thinking, "What is going to happen to me?" Or, "What is going to happen to the one I love so much that is going through this awful experience?" But when you can go beyond the circumstances and the uncertainty and feel the exhilaration of each moment right here, right now, magic happens.

Forget about "what if." Forget about how you think life is supposed to be. Forget about what others would do. Forget about what you thought this moment was going to look like. Know that this moment looks like this instead. You have all of who you are, all of your talents, all of your gifts, all of your insight, all of your wisdom, all of your courage, all of your strength, all of your beauty, all of your truth to trust in. You have the whole host of heaven to assist you. You have your inner guidance - the most perfect navigation system ever designed - every second of every day. You have your close and dear friends who truly do have your best interest at heart (and if you don't have those kind of people in your life, you need to find some).

And you ask the most important question in the universe: "Why is this happening?" And you dig and you dig and you dig until you find the true answer and permanently heal the reason the circumstances showed up in your life. And in that moment of healing, who you are is changed forever. And then the circumstance that at first seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen, turned into the most exhilarating, most empowering, most beneficial thing that has ever happened to you.

What a gift. What a blessing.

I send you the love of the Universe to assist you in discovering all the "whys" you must face. You are no longer in a time of hiding. You can no longer pretend and cover up and deny the parts of yourself that are not the divine Truth. You are now in the time of the Great Illumination.

And I say, "Ride the waves with a smile on your face. Feel the wind in your hair. Experience the exhilaration of who you are becoming right here, right now."

Many blessings,

About the Author:
Takara is an author, speaker, industrial engineer, and metaphysician. She is the creator of Dancing Dolphin Essences and many other high vibration technologies. Get a copy of her free e-book Dancing with Dolphins just for visiting her website and joining the Spirit of Nature Speaks newsletter list.

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