This is The Wiccan belief system based on the knowledge that everything you need in order to be healthy and happy lies within you, and this includes ways to maximize your health and well-being. Wiccan Healing is both an explanatory and practical book that expertly takes you through some of the many techniques practiced in the Craft. It dispels the myth that witches harm rather than help, by giving a real account of the ways of this wise and gentle tradition, which has had health and healing at its core since inception.

As you read this fascinating book, you will learn how to heal yourself and others; develop magical skills that will enhance your life; interpret signs, symbols, and inner feelings; communicate with the natural world; and perform your own rituals under Sally Morningstar’s warm and nurturing guidance.

The following excerpt has been taken from the new book, The Art of Wiccan Healing, by Sally Morningstar. It is published by Hay House (July 2005) and available at all bookstores or online at:


Magical Witchcraft Cures
By Sally Morningstar

Chapter Ten
In this chapter we touch upon some of the healing practices at the heart of Wicca, utilizing the powers inherent in the natural world and the human mind and working with trees, herbs, flowers and minerals in order to create ribbon charms, perform cord magic and make knotting spells. We will also be finding out about the cone of power and the doppelgänger, exploring some helpful healing amulets and potions and dipping into the folk medicine of the old wyfes.

It goes without saying that we have a medical profession today, which in past times was not readily available to the ordinary people, and so I advise you that no treatments in this section should take the place of appropriate medical care. Our medical knowledge today precludes the use of a lot of what appears in medical folklore, and we should remember, too, that in olden times ailments included syphilis, consumption, leprosy, diphtheria, scurvy, smallpox and typhoid, to name but a few, while in our modern world general practice is much more likely to treat lifestyle conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and choles-terol. Medicine must move with the times, but some ways of healing are as relevant today as they were to our ancestors.

The Cone of Power
Probably the most widespread method of Wiccan healing is through the raising of the cone of power. The cone of power can be thought of as a focus of energy that an individual practitioner or member of a coven can pour a share of their own power into, thus building a magical charge. This charge is then released to accomplish its designated task. It is believed that during World War II some New Forest witches raised just such a cone of power to prevent Hitler from succeeding in carrying out Operation Sea Lion, his planned invasion of Britain.

The cone of power requires strong visualization skills and the ability to project the image into the real world so that we ‘see’ it there. A bell is rung

Color Correspondences to Use When Raising a Cone of Power:

Red: For strength, courage and dynamic energy to deal with heavy conflicts

Orange: For reproductive problems and good health

Yellow: For mental conditions, mental stress and the need for positive change

Green: For balancing body, mind and spirit and for support in all psychic and material problems

Electric blue: The most popular healing colour, blue can be used for all healing rituals, but is most commonly called upon for calming, releasing and healing those with emotional strains, physical needs and a general inability to cope well
Indigo: For those needing to connect to their deeper side, for sleep problems and karmic issues

Ultra-violet: The colour to visualize whenever you are sending a cone of power to someone in pain or during surgery, operations or recovery from open wounds, as it has antiseptic as well as cooling properties

Magenta: For those feeling unloved, unwanted and spiritually wasted; helps to lift the spirits towards a greater peace

Gold: For raising the masculine to its highest potential (solar powers)

Silver: For raising the feminine to its highest potential (lunar powers)

Rainbow: For depression or lacklustre feelings

Magical Witchcraft Cures to signal the start of the visualization. Then a one-shaped column of psychic energy is visualized rising from the surface of the altar. It should taper to a point just below the ceiling of the room, or if in the open air, it should be approximately 7 feet (2 metres) high. There are various colours that the cone can be, depending upon its purpose. As a general rule blue is most commonly used for healing, but you can refer to Chart 12 in case another colour appears more appropriate.

As the cone of power is raised, the High Priestess of the coven or the solitary individual should ask respectfully out loud for healing energy to be granted in the names of the Goddess and Horned God, or whatever personal names you may know them by (for example Cerridwen and Cernunnos), stating ‘if it be for the highest good’ to ensure acknowledgement of the best outcome for all concerned
At the point when the cone reaches its optimum power, a bell is sounded a second time. If everyone in the group knows the person the healing is intended for, the apex of the cone is visualized as extending through space and curving down to enter the top of that person’s head, even if they are many miles away and their exact location is unknown. If, however, only one person present in the Circle knows the recipient, they alone visualize this while all the others visualize the apex of the cone as curving down and entering the top of the head of the person who knows the recipient. This person then acts as a kind of ‘transmitter’ for the raised energy.

In cases where a cone of power is raised by a solitary practitioner, they must either know the recipient or have something of theirs (such as a handwritten letter) in their hand, to act as a link for the transmission of the cone energy.

The Doppelgänger
Doppelgänger is a German word meaning ‘double’. The principal use of the doppel-gänger technique is to enable a person to overcome fears, doubts, phobias and inner weaknesses. It is a magical method of strengthening our inner self through resolve, bravery, dignity and calmness in the face of terror, doubt, misgivings, uncertainty or panic. It can also produce very real improvements in certain health problems, both of the mind and body, especially when practiced over a period
of time.

The method works by creating an exact double of yourself so that you can allow all the things you wish to free yourself from to happen to your doppelgänger instead. By using visualization, supported by willpower, you can vividly create, in as much detail as possible, an exact duplicate of yourself standing beside you. Children often have imaginary friends that they see with as much clarity as they see living people. The doppelgänger technique is an intensely magnified adult version of this, except that we do not see an imaginary friend but an imaginary self.

A doppelgänger does not have ‘human’ feelings, and so we should not feel guilty about loading our shadows onto them. They have been created by us to fulfil this role and can only work when we use them as an astral double who is willing and able to take on our problems for us.

Creating a Doppelgänger :

A doppelgänger can be created in any environment or situation, but with your first attempt it is probably best to build your astral double in a quiet and supportive environment.

After ensuring that you will not be disturbed in any way, settle and centre yourself in a comfortable position. Gradually begin to extend your perceptions to visualize an exact double of yourself, clothed and positioned exactly as you are, appearing beside you as an exact mirror image of yourself. Build as strong an image as you can through your willpower and concentration until the double appears as real to you as possible.

Once your doppelgänger has been created, pass onto them any negativity you
are experiencing.

You can then call upon your doppelgänger to appear at any time in the future when you feel the need for them to take on any of your problems, remembering that they will manifest as an exact astral carbon-copy of you as you appear at any given moment.

Simple Candle Healing Rituals
The Fire Element is transformative; which is why candles are so regularly alight during any kind of healing and ritual work. At times when perhaps you can’t cast a magical Circle or perform a full ritual, you can light a candle instead. In urgent cases you can use a white candle when other colours are not available.

In candle magic, people sometimes engrave symbols into the wax, such as Runes, symbols or sigils, and dedicate them to the particular type of healing before the candle is lit. If you do this, refer to the charts in this book for appro-priate symbols. However, the simplest way to perform candle healing rituals is to anoint an appropriately coloured candle with a fragrant oil or herb that is associ-ated with the result required, and then light it with the healing intention clearly in your mind. Sit in quiet contemplation for about five to ten minutes, focusing upon the person or people receiving the healing thoughts you are transmitting through the transformative qualities of the candle flame.

Candle Anointing
The act of anointing a candle imparts a certain magical flavour to it, and although the burning of candles is a regular feature on Wiccan altars, witches also dress certain candles in oils in order to activate a deeper connection to a single candle’s focus. Anointing a candle, therefore, creates a bond between the witch and the candle, which in turn increases the potency of the magic and raises its significance in the cauldron of the subconscious mind.

To begin, decide which is the most appropriate colour to work with and refer to the below to find the complementary oils or herbs of that colour. These should embody something representing your hoped-for result.

Pour a few drops of your oil into a bowl. Hold the candle in your left hand if you are right-handed and the right if you are left-handed. Moisten your fingertips and then smooth the oil from the center towards both ends until the whole candle is oiled.
The anointing process can be enhanced by softly chanting as you dress the candle. This chanting lulls the anointer into a trance-like state. You could repeat words like:

Here I bring the powers of Air to heal what pains Amanda’s ear.


Candle dressed with oils that soothe the grief that ails Katrina Booth.

This is a typical use of the rhyming couplet employed in so many Wiccan rituals. Once anointed, you can place the candle on an altar or prepared area and reaffirm its purpose each time you light it. Burn it for as long as you feel necessary.
Always observe safety measures when working with flames. Never leave a naked flame unattended.

Magical Spells
Spells and witchcraft are inextricably linked. Although today many people dismiss spells as fantasies, they have been an integral part of a witch’s magic for centuries and for very good reason: they work!

The word for a magical spell originates from the same root word we use for ‘spelling’ with our modern-day alphabets. This is because the symbols or inscrip-tions used in the spells of old would effectively ‘spell’ out what was required without there being any need for literacy, which was extremely significant, as many people in the past could not read or write. Travellers and traders would have found these magical inscriptions mysteriously charged with something they could not understand and so spells and other magical inscriptions would have greatly impressed the merchant or peasant passing by.

When the Vikings invaded Britain, they brought their own magical alpha-bet with them, known as the Runes, which are still used today for protection, prophecy and divination. Consequently, when anyone wished to record a piece of magical instruction, they used writing in letters of an alphabet, thus they spelled the magic, a witch made a magical spelling and so a spell was cast! This is why the word spell is used to define this type of magic.


Sally Morningstar is a witch, teacher, and transformational healer with more than 30 years of practical experience. She runs training courses, a psychic and healing consultancy, and a remote-learning apprenticeship program. She has appeared on numerous television programs; and writes for magazines, newspapers, and periodicals on witchcraft, healing and natural magic. She is also the best-selling author of several books, including Spells and Charms, Moon Wisdom, Love Magic, and The Wicca Pack.

By Sally Morninstar

"When the doors of perception are cleansed everything is revealed to man as it is – infinite!"
William Blake

Hedgewitch derives from original German and is a phrase that means ‘rider of the hedge’. In the old days, these people lived on the edges of the community, were practical in their service to society, and lived by herbs, nature, prophecy and divination as well as magic and healing. The hedgewitch’s practical approach to serving his/her community would have been through midwifery, healing, protection, house blessings, and crop and livestock preservation. The hedgewitch was respected because of these abilities. Holding certain powers because of their close relationship to nature and the magical world, it is highly likely that the hedgewitch of old would have used intoxicating herbs for visions and journeys in order to access information from the spirits, that were so much a part of life in ancient days. A hedgewitch could to my view, therefore, be described as a kind of ‘kitchen mystic’.

Magic is everywhere – it is simply a question of knowing how to see it!

This ability they had (and still do) to stand in both this world and the spirit world was another reason they lived ‘on the edge’ of society. The isolation and the hedge, too, provided a barrier between the community and their world, and so provided a level of protection from prying eyes.

They are usually solitary and therefore choose not to join a coven, although there is no rule that says they can’t. They have no loyalty to any particular practice, except their own unique personal blend of magic founded in the natural/supernatural world. They do things their way, as it feels right for them within their highly developed intuitive nature. They are like the cunning folk or wise people of our past, often irreverent of the set ways of others, shamanic, deep, different and unique.

Hedgewitchcraft is not part of any religion – it is free of all dogma and doctrine.

Hedgewitchcraft, today, is generally associated just with witchcraft and seen as part of the same belief system although this is not strictly correct. Historically it is not just associated with witchcraft, one can be from any religion or from a totally non-religious background and still be a hedgewitch. The main distinction between a hedgewitch and more ‘traditional’ witchcraft is that hedgewitches have no deep desire for the more religious/ceremonial aspects of coven witchcraft, having an individual and often unique way of relating to life and Creation.

Hedgewitches are deeply rooted in nature – they understand many things as a result

To me it is one of the sacred paths because it teaches wisdom.

There are many, many people today who gather knowledge in order to gain acknowledgement, prestige, or status. – a kind of spiritual materialism. There are no such arrogant states in hedgewitchcraft. The blessing ways of this wise path are won, are achieved through practical dedication, through development of the self and with the attitude of a spiritual warrior to evolve and thus claim the real magical powers, known only to the wisest.

Know Thyself!

Since the most ancient of days we have been guided by the wisest of teachers to "Know Thyself!"

Hedgewitchcraft is one of the wise paths that offers just this – the ancient wisdom teachings that lead us back to the heart, to the real, to the true, to the simple, the sweet and of course, to the wisdom. Only when we are able to embody the magic do we receive the magic!! Only when we have made ourselves ready and worthy are the real magical secrets revealed to us. There is an old and wise saying "The truth need not be hidden, for it veils itself in the eyes of the ignorant." If you seek the truth, seek to lift the veils of your ignorance, then know that the only way is to open fully and consciously to yourself first.

If you would like to study hedgewitchcraft or know more please email: . I will respond to you as soon as I am able.

"This was everything I wanted it to be, and more.
Sally is a guiding light – a true and blessed inspiration."


Sally M’s Apprenticeship Scheme
By Sally Morningstar

"The first requirement for the study of magic is a thorough knowledge of nature."

We can ‘know’ a great deal about something and still not be wise. We can gather power and prestige through our gained knowledge and still not be wise. We can be great teachers of our knowledge and yet still not be wise!

Wisdom is rarely encountered these days. Attachment to acquired knowledge is everywhere!!

So many people curtail their spiritual journey at one of the earliest stages of soul development, which is with the acquiring of knowledge. Most of us can think of someone who "knows it all." revealing just how common attachment to acquired knowledge actually is and of how few develop wisdom, or indeed seek wisdom as a way of life. Very few are able to see that without understanding their nature there can be little awareness of the nature of anything! Very few see the value in being an evolved soul – for its treasures are not of the worldly kind. The gifts of Spirit are beyond mortal price. To receive the gifts, we must first have prepared the soil (our soul) appropriately.

When you understand your own nature – you will understand the nature of everything!

Therefore if you would like to study with me you should expect to get to know yourself, to take your daily life as your spiritual practice, to be honourable and noble, to be respectful, and to wish to live in truth. To study with me is to wish to find your wisdom, to see life’s challenges as magical opportunities for understanding and evolution and to strive to bring your soul back to wholeness. You can then be a wise one fully able to embody your Divine nature in all that you do. Humanity has had a long-standing relationship with knowledge, power and authority. A new lover is long overdue. The Beloved of Spirit is calling to our Divine nature, in each moment!

Many are called, but few are chosen, because it is you that must choose to be a chosen one.

Anyone who feels drawn to apprentice with me should understand and accept the difference between knowledge and wisdom, when it comes to the study of magic and mastery of the self. The world provides many places for knowledge gathering. We can find all we need today (just on the internet alone for example) that can teach us more or less any subject. To obtain knowledge is easy, to gain wisdom, however, can take lifetimes!

Email: expressing your interest in apprenticing, outlining what you seek and why you seek it, and tell also something of you and what you would hope to gain from your studies. Please ensure you include all appropriate information in order for Sally to be able to get back in contact with you and she will respond to you as soon as she is able.

Thank you.


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