If you are familiar with Kryon as channelled by Lee Carroll, if you have read the Kryon books, if you have attended at least one large format Kryon seminar, then chances are you know of Jan Tober. Whether it is for her incredible color & sound chakra toning meditations, or for her crystal healing singing voice, or simply as the one who guided you into your sweet spot, inspiring you to honour yourself as Kryon began speaking through Lee. I know her as a very close and dear friend who has been monumental in my growth over the last decade or so.

In 1989 Kryon channelling through Lee introduced himself as the magnetic master, here with a team of experts to change, heal and shift our magnetic grid, indeed to create and put in place an entirely new one! He also said the work will take 13 years. If I remember well, the magnetic grid was complete in December of 2002 and then it needed a 3 month adjustment and it became fully functional after March 2003.

In 2002 I was a part of the Kryon family in their large workshop in Lyon, and I heard the following words through Kryon that I remember vividly even though I am paraphrasing here: “My partner’s partner will be the one working with the crystalline grid”.

Even though Lee and Jan were no longer married at that time, she was always considered Lee’s partner as the co-creator of the entire Kryon work. And as you know Kryon always refers to Lee as his ‘partner’ rather than his channel.

In his earlier channelling, Kryon had explained about Earth’s 3 main grids. The Magnetic Grid needed to change so that work could begin with the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid work that Jan Tober and her team are doing will be completed in 2012. As for the the 3rd grid, that of Human Consciousness, it began shifting from the late 80s, August 1987 (The Harmonic Convergence), and more profoundly from 1989 when the Kryon group began their work on magnetic grid.

Kryon explained that the work they’re doing with the magnetic grid has never been attempted while there was human life present on Earth, and the good news was/is/will be that the work this time did not require the absence of Life. In other words we didn’t have to die and re-incarnate in a new world. The new world by design must emerge from each of us!

The grid was changed to facilitate our spiritual evolution into the higher aspects of Light and Love within the Heart of God/Goddess/All That Is.

Back to Jan Tober and her current work with the Earth. For the last 7 years, from the new beginning of her greater work with the Crystalline Grid (also called the Light Grid, or the Christ Consciousness Grid) Jan along with her channelling partners, Ellen Kaufman Dosick and Karen Wolfer have been channelling from the Source, and from a group of beings that include many layers of beings, be it from the Ascended Masters group, the Archangels, the elemental or any who would be appropriate for a particular Earth Healing as these pop up –so to speak!

This group of 3 women, these 3 wonderful channels are working with and for the healing of the Earth, in a manner that is somewhat different from how other groups seem to work. Indeed there are a few other wonderful groups I am aware of, groups including James Tipton’s Earth Keeper chronicles as well as the ones working with Drunvalo Mechizedek. I am very fond of Drunvalo and I do see the benefits of Tyberon’s chronicles. I do not wish to either compare or defend Jan’s work, but simply to say that as far as I am concerned, it is more focused on the Earth, and engages groups that honestly have done this work for ever and are now here for this single purpose. Groups that include the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command group, the Elemental and Nature Spirits, the Archangels and more. I personally resonate with the wonderful Divine Feminine aspects of this work.

I cannot feel that same energy in quite the same intensity through other groups, which does not mean they are any less important. To me, it comes to a matter of taste in a way. The Divine Feminine touches me deeply and I value it highly as a man. I love the Divine Masculine beyond words and I know I can only access that through the Divine Feminine.

This is a profound time of healing on our planet when we are moving beyond struggle, beyond the stupidity of a male chauvinistic competitive-ness to adopt a more benign feminine approach of challenging ourselves to excel and triumph rather than to win at the detriment of anyone.

This is what I have learned from Jan Tober: (and I am paraphrasing) “This is a time on our planet when we are moving and shifting from the realm of the immune system to that of the endocrine system in the way our body heals itself. When the immune system is about catching and killing the bug, the endocrine system focuses on the body in a holistic way and uses love to generate Health.

Dr Emotto of Japan has proved that water purifies itself when you chant ‘I Love You’ to it, we’re made of water. Even our sleeping scientists agree that we are at least 70% made of water. Imagine what happens if you turn that love within.

The shift that is happening from the immune to endocrine system has never been while we’re still in the physical body. And it could never take place unless they would take us away first. So, here we are doing something that has never been done.”

We can do this because the Kryon group renewed our magnetic grid, and because we now function in a new way. I suggest you read the works of Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Bruce Lipton, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, Donna Eden, Sondra Ray, and listen to every Lazaris workshop you can find. Oh what fun awaits you as you engage on this amazing journey in even a deeper way and with even a greater commitment. And finally, last but not least, here’s the raison d’être for this entire section, a gift from Jan Tober and her amazing group.

The following affirmations are made of highly sensitive and powerful words designed to help you through these times, channelled through the most sacred trio channel within our evolving world at this time, and you are being asked to say them exactly as they are.

This is not the time you can get creative with the words or play fast and loose with them. And here’s to your Well Being as you walk on your new floor, experiencing your own brand New World.

“I now have 100% desire that all evolution is in peaceful harmony, balance, trust, and joy, as my sacred process continues to evolve.”

“I now have 100% desire for compassion to fill all the chambers of my heart so that I am centred in Love.”

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