There is no way we can get out of doing something to support ourselves in the material world since we need to earn a living. I would prefer to be doing something that is aligned with my purpose. Can you suggest how to do that?

Doing comes from being and it is never the other way around, no matter how much you try to make it so or wish that it were different. Every drop that you squeeze out of doing came from a thought first, regardless of whether it was a creative thought or a dreaded thought. You may think that your purpose is to be a healer, a teacher of metaphysics, a mystic, or a surgeon, but your true purpose is to awaken from the illusion that doing any one thing is more important than doing another thing. Your purpose is to break free from the chains of doing, not to find what you can do that is more tolerable than something else. You may well say, "That’s easy for you to say, Gaia, you don’t have to earn a living." Well, you are correct, I do not, but neither do you. You do need to create a life that supports and sustains you and those you care for, but that is different than toiling day after day until the watchful eyes of the illusory world you compare yourself with.

Join your more creative aspects by being gentle with yourself, rather than berating yourself for what you have not yet accomplished. Punishment breeds fear, which is the opposite of creativity. Look for the smallest place within yourself, which is more than likely where you have hid your creative spirit. Breathe life into it as you forgive yourself for ignoring it or thinking that it was unworthy of your attention. Imagine yourself crying a teardrop of love upon it, and see how the love vibration causes it to expand. Hold this place within you as sacred and invite spirit to help you infuse it with more of God’s love. Allow the elixir of love to coax your creativity from behind the wall of fear where it has been hiding. Creativity speaks a language called truth. Its dialect is subjective and it will take a little time to acquaint yourself with it. Your truth will be uniquely different than anyone else’s, and your friends and family may not understand the new foreign language you have begun to speak, however, the more that you listen to this new language the more you will also be able to speak it. Eventually, your inner voice will only speak in this language and you will begin to forget the other language even if it is more common among your peers. Truth has a funny way of leading you back to your creative spirit, as if you were being blindfolded and led to a birthday cake. In the physical world you blow out your birthday candles, but in the more creative, nonphysical realms you light them!

Light defines shadow and you will begin to see where your creativity was previously dimmed. (Hint: Why is of little or no consequence and will only derail your progress). Imagine that the soft, warm wax from the lit candles is the material the physical world uses to manifest desires. The more candles (light) you have, the more wax (manifesting material) you have. Use your imagination to mold, shape and manifest your desires. If you run out of material, light more candles and think more creative thoughts to keep them lit. Your creative being is born from the spark that is created when light first touches shadow. This is called passion, which is also the language of the soul.



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