I was actually in Italy when the Pope got sick. Then after a few weeks when I was
again on the road in the USA, I was watching CNN when the message came that he had passed.

This is a New Age web site, and I am the channeller responsible for it all. I am not Catholic (of course) and our teachings do not adhere to any of the doctrine of organized religion. However, the man who gave 26 years of his life to finding his own divinity and promoting peace on earth is going to get a lot of attention, meditation, thanks, and admiration from me. We are not religion bashers here, and honor all those who seek God in their own way.

There is only one of these men (Women, some day) who guide over one billion people in their spirituality. We always hope that "our" Pope will be a good one, and not necessarily carbon copies of some of the last ones, who were not really interested in anything but the church. But Pope John Paul II, known as "His Holiness," and also "The Holy See" was interested in the whole package - his own spirituality, guiding his church-state, and also his quest to bring peace on earth. He didn't mince words, either. Much to the consternation of some of those high-positioned churchmen around him in the 80's, he called for the end to Communism. He advised President Reagan to go against the advice of his own presidential advisors and trust Mikhail Gorbachev. That's exactly what Reagan did, and the beginning of some of today's much needed nuclear treaties was the result.

Gorbachev said, "The biggest mistake Communism made was to allow the Pope to visit Poland." This set up an energy that, combined with all the other things John Paul did, helped to bring down the Soviet Union in the late 80's.

No shots were fired, and the "Evil Empire" came down with the help of the consciousness of its people, and many great leaders, almost all of whom were influenced to some degree by the leader of the smallest county in the world, the Vatican. John Paul was the man who dared to tell Catholics everywhere (from his perch on his balcony overlooking St. Peter's square) that both Heaven and Hell were not "places" at all, but were states of being that were personal, and reflected a person's own relationship with God!

Pope - Heaven and Hell http://smithbrad.nventure.com/pope.htm

This was quickly grabbed by the church and massaged to try to explain how it could continue to coordinate with basic church doctrine. Much has been written about it with things like, "What the Pope really meant was." But what he meant was what he said. God is in you, and the closer you draw to this, the more your energy will be the description of Heaven itself. There are plenty of places to read this on the Internet.

Our Pope met with the Jews and knelt in prayer with them. He was the only one to ever do this. He apologized to them for the position of the Vatican during the Holocaust, and ask their forgiveness. He publicly ask the forgiveness of the family of Galileo for what happened long ago, then told the earth that even the Crusades were not correct (gasp!) something like saying, "The church was wrong on all these issues." It was. He knew it, and wanted to ask forgiveness. This was a trait of Christ that he emulated and wished to show clearly to those who followed him now as the head of the church.

Pope's forgiveness: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Pope/story?id=636765&page=1

In these last years he was concerned with the United States, too again, never being shy about what he felt was appropriate or inappropriate energy, comparing everything to his divine model, and the master he followed and worshiped.

John Paul knew he was dying. He had recovered in the past from many things, including almost dying from an assassin's bullet. But he knew he was leaving us. He asked not to be taken back to the hospital, surrounded himself with his Polish friends and slowly his body shut down. Those closest to him said that his last words were, "AMEN."

Here was a Human Being who followed his truth, looked for the divine in everything, and made a difference on planet earth. This is what we teach. None of us will ever be the Pope, but all of us can create Heaven in our lives just as he said. We may not be great figures that are seen by millions, but each of us has God in us to the extent that millions can share this with us.

Before he became the Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Christ, Successor of St. Peter, Prince of Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, or Sovereign of Vatican City, Pope John Paul II was Karol Jozef Wojtyla ordinary Human person with a light he wanted to shine. Kryon tells us that this is who we are too. We carry a combined light that can bring peace on earth, something that Karol showed us can be done even by one man!

I think right now Karol (the Pope) is not in a place called Heaven (according to his own words). He is instead in a consciousness called love something that is around us all. And if he could speak to us right now, I believe he would say, "I did my part now do yours beings of the light. Amen."

Congratulations Karol, on your most wonderful adventure on this planet!

Lee Carroll