More & more, Science and Consciousness are studied as the same phenomena (?).
The article below is a most descriptive observation on that thesis.


By Jeffery B Satinover M.D.
Edited by Michael Reagan

The worldview that modern science has depended on, for the most part, is that if you have 100 percent knowledge of an initial condition, then all subsequent conditions are known as well. If this were true, there would be no such thing as free will, whether human or divine. God himself would be a merely passive observer who not only doesn’t but also couldn’t have an effect on the world. And human beings couldn’t have an effect either, because if all physical events are in effect, laid out ahead of time, like a complex play in billiards, then nothing one does can alter the outcome. It’s all completely determined. This is the fundamental premise of the modern worldview.

However, it turns out and what modern physics has now demonstrated is, that’s not true. That actually, at the most fundamental level, all the most important physical processes are, in part, determined by "factors" that have no detectable presence in the physical world. A range of possible out comes are determined mechanically, but untold numbers of decisions are being made by "something" that from among these possibilities selects every actual outcome. And furthermore, each time a decision is made, all other probabilities are instantaneously adjusted and altered so as to keep the whole system within certain bounds.

This is not a philosophical concept. This is a description of what has been shown, to the shock and horror of many scientists, in actual physical experiments. The only way to talk about it metaphorically is that there’s "something" that is not part of the physical universe, which sits outside it, and simultaneously orchestrates all events throughout the entire universe, according to principles that we can’t know. My own particular angle on this is that if there is this effect that is sustaining the universe in an ongoing way, causing results, but it itself has no prior cause, well, that is one of the oldest definitions of God.