Comments from Lee Carroll

It's tough to say comforting things at a time of awful tragedy. In book ONE Kryon spoke of up to 1% of the population leaving as a potential of the earth changes in these end times. He later said that this number was revised and not so high, but here it is happening. To us, the numbers are very high. He also says that our consciousness is changing it, so it is not unexpected, and there will be more (according to Kryon). It's part of a shift that many have predicted that includes earthquakes, volcanoes, and yes... man-made events as well. It has been the theme of the Kryon books.

Many find it hard to accept the reality of disaster, but it's not new. Earthquakes in our century have taken up to 10,000 lives in on single event. But we forget, or are overwhelmed by the immensity and can't comprehend the loss. Now, from this
one event, over 70,000 (plus) have left the planet and the body count continues to grow daily.

In our culture, we track every missing person and agonize over each death. It's often not comprehendible when we are faced with this kind of tragedy. With the world’s population increasing and many of them living near the ocean, these types of events should not be unexpected. For decades, scientists have been warning us of the possibilities, yet it is still difficult to comprehend the sorrow and shock that affects thousands of lives when it happens. For us, it's one life at a time.

Part of the Human process is to honor and cherish life in general. One of the themes of Kryon from the beginning is that when these things happen, the earth changes, and therefore those that pass over, and immediately come back, do so with the under-standing of helping the planet in ways we cannot do in life. Honestly, very few want to die to help planet Earth. We all wish to STAY and help planet Earth. Part of the duality is not knowing which way you have given permission to help. So, bless these who, at some level, knew the potentials of this and gave permission to leave. But right now, bless those of us who cry for them all.

Kryon has told us that there is appropriateness in all things, even this kind of thing. On 911 he asked us to understand the passing of 3,000 lives in the midst of our sorrow. Now he asks us to do the same with those who have died in the last days. He says, "There are many happy faces coming in at the moment (speaking of those coming home). The ones who need your care are those left to bear the burden of sorrow. There is more here than meets the eye of the Human, and there is purpose and grandeur even in this seeming Human tragedy."

"In a place you cannot conceive of, there is a party happening," according to Kryon. But for now, we pick up the pieces because we see each life lost as a shattered world. Perhaps there will come a day when we can have greater wisdom that will temper our emotions during these kinds of things? I don't think so, and hope not. Let those on the other side give us comfort, but part of our humanness is the outpouring of love and help for those in other lands who don't even speak our language. We need a time of mourning. It helps those who are struggling and even those who are not. For we all
draw closer together.

Those we lost in the last few days are part of the grand process of bringing us together, another step in the long and difficult process of bringing peace on Earth.




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