The Ascension Leap Of Mid-August
Greetings from Karen Bishop

During the week-end of August 13-14, we made a great ascension leap. Many were given the opportunity to exit the Old World and begin a new residence in the higher realms. But first, let me lay the foundation with a brief explanation of how we got to this point, before I elaborate more fully on what is now occurring.

Very generally speaking, on December 12, 2004, a portal opened giving us access to "Heaven". Then on March 5, 2005, the original blueprint for the planet Earth was unveiled. In this way, Heaven and Earth were most certainly ready to "meet". From March 2005, then, there has existed a "sandwiching" effect where anything not in alignment with the higher realms that were now surrounding us above and below, was most certainly felt and noticed, as it was on its way to another reality and a very different residence.

In past messages I have indicated that 2005 would be the "year of destruction". As the New World was now ready to arrive at the physical levels, anything not in alignment with these higher vibrations of the higher realms had no choice but to be dismantled, fall apart and loose any and all energy for its support and maintenance. Although this pattern has been occurring for several years now, it is being felt to a much greater degree as it is now time for these changes to occur at physical levels and in addition, the shifts are arriving like labor pains, much more frequently and with much more intensity.

So then, in March and April of 2005, a second wave was given the opportunity to prepare for their ascension process. While the first wave had been poised and waiting since the end of 2004 (and the forerunners even before this time), the second wave was now being prepared for their evolutionary shift into the higher realms and into new (or "forgotten") ways of being.

During this time we experienced "internal tsunamis", as we were aligning and releasing much. And most recently, in the months of July and August, we felt internal earth changes", as much was shaking and shuddering within us, knocking us out of our old and outdated grooves.

As always, there exist pivotal times and opportunities for severe Earth changes to occur on the planet. Many lightworkers found themselves visiting or residing in geographical areas that were the most at risk for these changes, and with the powerful and amazing gift of their presence alone, much of these Earth changes were averted. The majority of the time, this has been the outcome. Even if only at subconscious and higher soul levels of knowing and awareness, we found ourselves in places where we needed to be, and in this alone we have done a most powerful service. But our souls ALWAYS know what they are doing, and as always, all is always in divine and perfect order.

So this is why we are feeling these great and monumental changes most severely within us, as many times we have averted the need to experience them on the outside.

How have all these intense and powerful changes and shifts manifested for us? As we are continually vibrating higher and higher, we are being rewired for living in the higher realms. This can result in many strange feelings and certainly, as always, many physical maladies. But once you get to the higher realms, most of these symptoms cease to exist. As the ascension process involves "dying while we are alive", there comes a point where we let go and release much of everything, just as one would do in the 3D death process, only this time we remain in our bodies.
For the first phase of ascension, our bodies are twisting and turning and experiencing many strange sensations and symptoms, all relating to the fact that they are now much too dense to exist in the higher realms. Even though we may have adjusted and arrived at a much more higher way of thinking with a new awareness, our bodies in physical form are the last to be affected and this is the same with the world in physical form.

I won't go into the details of some of the most common physical symptoms of the first phase of ascension, but know that they are simply a part of the process and all is in order here.

As we begin completing the first phase of ascension, we now find ourselves in a totally new space, and at times it can be challenging and confusing. Even though the ascension process involves many layers and experiences of that feeling of "no sense of place, when you finally reach the higher realms within your own personal vibration, you can really feel like a fish out of water. With the old manifestations of the previous world in relation to personal relationships, career, living situations and pretty much everything that involves the old 3D ways of being. These last few months have created the most intense and powerful shifts and changes I have yet seen with ascension. And this was purposely designed to fit this particular time. All is perfectly moving forward for this amazing and incredible shift of the ages. In order for creation and manifestation to occur all energies involved with this process must culminate at a perfect time and in a perfect way, with all parties or energies at a point of readiness and summoning.

In order to be "ready", much had to be let go and absolutely sure we were no longer willing to reside and tolerate the ways of the Old World. This has been an on-going process for quite some time, manifesting an acute desire to no longer jump through "hoops" required by society. An intolerance for "red tape", bureaucracy, and energies controlling and inhibiting our natural and true state as creators.

Until now, we had known this intellectually. We had always known the
world was upside down and inside out, but now we’re"feeling" it. As we begin to evolve in our human state lower and more densely vibrating energies are a mismatch to how we were now vibrating. Not to how we were thinking, but to how we were vibrating. For sensitives, this mismatch can be challenging. Mismatched vibrations leave one short-circuited. Usually, with knots and gagging in your stomach, a tenseness and tightness in your body, which does not support the natural flow of energy. And an acute feeling that you do not belong anywhere. The old lower vibrating energies can really make one feel ill. Knowing this, it can be difficult to say "YES!" to anything, as it seems that all presented to you and in your environment requires a sharp, quick, "NO!".

But at the higher levels all energy always goes in the same direction.
We are always being supported at soul levels to achieve the grand plan for our best interests and everyone and everything is in on it with us. This is why George W. Bush was re-elected as president of the United States once again. This beautiful soul is in it with us as he has agreed at a soul level to provide a very severe contrast so that as many as possible will choose to summon something different. The more individuals that agree to summon something different, the better. This summoning then creates an energy of desire that co-mingles with the planetary alignments and integrates with the new higher vibrating human, and results in the change necessary and the initiation of the creation of the New World. Yes, there is always much support here to fulfill this divine plan of ours, as we needed to be assured of success. All is in alignment in every arena.

In the higher realms there is no polarity. It is accepted and widely known that at lower levels of reality, polarity (or what appears to be darkness) only exists to support us in summoning something different. A common scenario representing this concept is when one partner in a relationship has an affair or abruptly leaves another. Many times this occurs so that the "abandoned" partner will be forced to move forward and into the new territory that they were meant to inhabit. All souls deeply love each other, and always support each other if even in a world where conscious awareness is thwarted by a lower vibrating existence behind the veil.

So now, here we are in a state of "intolerance" with the old. As our day to day activities begin to become more and more difficult to fulfill with so many regulations, hoops to jump through, and steps to take, it beautifully places us in a state of being that greatly supports a need for change through a gross "mismatch" of energies. And it is not that we don't want to continue on in a world this way, it is that we absolutely CANNOT.

Staying in these lower ways of an old 3D reality can make us ill and will eventually shut us down. But they also bring us to a point where we are very willing to let it all go, and this is exactly what we need to do in order to make our ascension leap.

These mismatches and different vibratory levels of energy are now becoming more pronounced than ever before. With the advent of the portal that opened on July 7, 2005 (7:7:7), we were bumped up to even higher levels of reality and this, then, created even more desire for change. This event literally bumped many into an entirely different space. What we may have only just very recently desired and began creating suddenly felt totally wrong and we were then left in a new state of confusion about where we actually belonged.

When we "bump up" in vibration, we go to the next highest level for each of us individually. For some it is a higher level in one reality and for others it can literally push us over into the higher dimensions in one fell swoop. This is what recently occurred around the time of August 14, 2005. With the culmination of all factors (the desire and summoning for change, the planetary alignments, and the support of now many more ready for an ascension leap), the temperature was ripe and many were then given the opportunity to make this leap.

And let me add a note here about the equinoxes and solstices. The solstices always bring about a deep cleansing and deep removal of anything left of the denser and lower vibrating energies within us. The equinoxes always bring in a move forward with much support in creating the new after we have. As our personal and planetary vibration increases more and more, these effects are felt much more as they increase exponentially. But we have expanded greatly and are embodying much more of source energy than ever before, and now we are able to accommodate much more of these shift creating energies than we ever could even months before.

So then, we really went through some intense deep cleaning resulting from the June solstice, as it was designed to prepare us for moving forward when September arrived. And September will bring in some incredible energies for manifesting! We frequently experience confusion around the solstice times as we are knee deep "in" our denser energies, and we experience great clarity during the equinox times as we are then more in alignment with the higher realms.

So what about this big ascension leap around the week-end of August
13-14? How does it all fit together?

Things had to get so bad and feel so uncomfortable that enough individuals were willing to let go of it all. When we reach a certain internal vibratory level, we become activated for a different reality, and this is where we must reside.

You may have felt like you did not want to talk to anyone. You may have turned off your phone, your TV, and not answered any e-mails. You may have not been able to go to work. In this way, you were "leaving". You may have felt that there was nowhere left to go that felt remotely good. No person, no place, no reality, no existence....nothing. Things had finally reached a point of no return, and in this way, we are then finally ready to leave it all behind.

You may have been having many strange and intense dreams. We release much in the dream state. When I was in the throes of my ascension process, I would lay my head down on the pillow, and the minute I began to drift off, I would begin a process of rapid releasing with image after image flying past, spinning off layer after layer of old experiences and energy infusions.

We are gaining closure and finishing up old business in the dream state just as
we do in a life review or other process when we cross over through a 3D experience of death, only this time we a! re remaining in our bodies. Our dreams also serve to give us messages and clarity as to where we are in our process and what is
going on.

And then there are the "boundary experiences". These have been going on or awhile and will continue as we learn how to reside in the higher realms. As the veil is lifted and the old dense boundaries are basically not there in the higher realms, we find ourselves declaring our space and wanting more secure boundaries like never before. We must learn to navigate in the higher realms. As we realize that we can be anywhere and connect with anyone in an instant in these realms, we now must learn to respect the space of others, as it is so easy to be in another's space now, if even with a mere thought or intent.

You may also be feeling very vulnerable these days. With the disappearance of the old dense boundaries and especially with so much of our old ego selves having left, one can feel very vulnerable at times. In the old 3D reality, we developed parts of ourselves that came from ego and served to protect us in a harsh and challenging environment. Just as in the death process in the 3D world, as we begin ascending to the higher realms, we begin losing these ego aspects of ourselves as we gradually begin to embody more and more Source energy and this also results in a return to our childlike innocence as well.

So as we begin connecting more and more to Source and remembering our true power, we can feel a different power along with a new and different state of fragility as well. Looking in that mirror and not knowing who in the world you are looking at is perhaps one of the most prevalent aspects of the ascension process!

One sure-fire way to know that you are beginning the journey from one dimension to another is an inability to stay awake with periods of deep sleeping. As we travel in between the dimensions, we are knocked out of one reality and into another and we frequently space out and tend to fall asleep very easily.

If you made your choice to leave this reality this mid-August weekend, you may very well have spent much time asleep.

Another sure sign that you are embodying this New energy is a craving for the New.......new furniture, new experiences, new material possessions that make you feel great and give you that sense of "I deserve the best and I am out of that old drudgery and dense energy!".

So then, a group of lightworkers recently made a collective decision to leave the Old World behind and begin their residency in the higher realms. Many have done this on an individual level, but this time, it was done as a much larger group. These individuals have basically been given permission (and know that the permission is granted by a group consensus of our own souls, as we are very powerful beings and at a soul levels know exactly what we are doing) to leave their Old World lightworker duties and roles behind.

They are now free to move forward into the higher realms and create the world and reality of their dreams. Basically, what has happened is that a critical mass has been reached. The Old jobs of "holding the space" of the higher vibrations on planet Earth are now complete. And with the advent of this shift, we will see many of the spiritual leaders leaving the planet as well. Their energy and great gifts are no longer needed. Many have already had this experience on a personal level, but this time, it occurred as a critical mass.

So what will this "look" like? It will appear that some have simply disappeared from the Earth. They will appear to be gone. Within realities there are specific and structured hierarchies. We can always go to the lower realms by lowering our vibratory rates, but we can never go higher than are vibrating or higher than what we are "being".

We must first match the vibration of a higher realm before we can go there. And if we have been there once, we can always go back. And know that there also exists that "pull back" energy that tries with great fervor to suck one back into the Old World. Whew!

Those now residing consciously in the higher realms will absolutely love it here, as this is a completely different reality. To make oneself visible and connect to the Old World and lower reality, one needs to drop their vibration, and this can only be done for short periods of time. You may have had experiences of this already as you may feel as though you are "acting" and pretending when you interact with others and with the Old World.

While in the Old World it also feels very draining and dense. Many will be going back and forth to make brief appearances as teachers and guides and healers, and many will stay exclusively in the higher realms in order to create the higher ways of living in the new communities.

You may now be saying to yourself, "Gee, Karen. First you say that the
Old World is changing and we are assisting in raising its vibration, and then you say that we are creating a brand New World in the higher
realms. Which is it?".

As always, it is both. The " Old World ", so to speak, will serve as a stepping stone to the "other side". In the Old World, people will need healing, they will crave new information, they will be in spaces of a stepping stone nature where they will be readying themselves in a more gentle and progressive way to reach the higher realms. So in this way, there will be lightworkers who will remain "in the trenches as this is their calling and mission.

If you do not feel as though you have made a big ascension leap, it is because you are not supposed to. You will have most likely felt a leap but in regard to your next step as a leader, teacher, or healer for the Old World or stepping stone reality. There are no healers, teachers or leaders in the New World as these roles no longer serve a purpose.

If you have chosen to reside in the Old World and evolving reality, you will be connected to and hooked into experiences of crashing economies, angry, fearful and fighting human beings, and be guided to ready yourself for great upheavals. Those in the higher realms will have none of these experiences. They will be in another reality altogether with all of their needs met, as they are experiencing total freedom and a lightness of being as they have decided to let everything go.

Both roles are vitally important and these decisions were made prior to infusing our energies into our physical forms. There is no judgment here, or spiritual competition, but simply a matter of who you are and what you came to contribute and be these beautiful souls who will remain in the trenches will have opportunities to have "meetings" and gatherings in the New World higher realms at any time, as we will all need to connect and support our teams.

So here, then, is the latest news, and I suspect that it is not news to any of
you, but only a validation of what you were already experiencing and knowing
deep within.

Wishing you Heaven in your heart, starlight in your soul, and miracles in your life in these miraculous times. Until next time,