A warm, fuzzy welcome to the Kryon website and In The Spirit magazine, a FREE online publication. This website and magazine are for you to enjoy, and share with your friends and family. We hope you find it to be a continual source of information, support and comfort as the energy of our human journey continues to evolve and change.

You may ask, "How are we able to keep all of this FREE?" As with anything of quality, it comes down to the people involved. This endeavor is supported by a group of talented individuals who share their time and contribute their expertise in order to create an expression of love for Spirit. It is also due to the nature of the design; this magazine and website do not require excessive online administration.

Therefore, the duties surrounding password maintenance access restrictions, visitor tracking, and email notifications have all been avoided in the creation and maintenance of these sites. And most important of all, there are NO SUBSCRIPTIONS to the magazine. By removing these simple attributes, we have eliminated high maintenance on the site and magazine, which allows us to share information in a way the Internet was intended to work...FREE, with no hidden agendas.

The pages before you did not happen overnight, they have taken years to evolve. Both the Kryon website and In the Spirit magazine reflect a commitment "to evolve and grow as the energy expands in the light." We vow to provide our readers with quality information that will inform, and empower each individual on their personal journey. In doing so, we sincerely hope that the joy and fun we take in creating this magazine is reflected in our work and can be felt by the readers.


For those of you who are new to Kryon on the Internet, allow me to share a little of our history. Kryon on the Internet was initiated in early 1995 in the form of an America online chat room. Pioneered by Geoffrey Hoppe, a marketing & advertising director from Dallas, Texas with an interest in the Kryon books, this chat room rapidly became one of the fastest growing areas in the New Age venue of AOL. Quickly outgrowing its roots in America Online, numerous websites, chat rooms and domains were established and linked together to bridge distances and enable people of like mind and spirit to come together and discuss Kryon and their spiritual journeys.

Over the years several Kryon homepages were established. Message boards, venues and platforms continued to grow. The sites eventually became fragmented and splintered. There was a time when the original website consisted of over 100 pages and links. Visitors who surfed the pages would find themselves lost in a sea of information. It became challenging and frustrating to find a way back home through all the links (It’s kind of ironic isn’t it? Sounds like our own human journey.) In an attempt to make the site easier to navigate and still maintain the original focus of the Kryon message, this website was created.

Launched in April of 2001, the Kryon website quickly set a standard for the industry. The number of people visiting the Kryon website and the online magazine In The Spirit tripled
in a year. The website has won numerous awards and is ranked in the top ten of many of the world’s principal search engines, under the category of Spirituality and Channelling.
In The Spirit is one of the most user-friendly publications on the Internet. We have worked hard to make all avenues leading into the magazine easy and accessible.


We have created a special place where you can address questions to Kryon. All the inquiries are filed with In The Spirit magazine and will be submitted to Lee Carroll for possible publication in the magazine. But due to overwhelming amounts of mail received and the limited space available not all questions will be answered or published.

Often, questions that are similar in nature are submitted to the magazine. Such questions are answered one time and filed in the archive. Before submitting your question, you might breeze through the archives to see if your answer already exists.

All questions are important to us and we appreciate you taking the time to submit them.
We do our best to answer in a timely manner, so please be patient.


Created for your pleasure is a department where you can view photos from various Kryon seminars, and personal contact with Lee Carroll, Jan Tober and the Kryon team. Also,
Dr. Todd, Peggy & Steve Dubro, Robert Coxon and, of course, your In The Spirit editor, Barbara Harris and manager, Rob Harris are just a few of the familiar faces you will
see regularly showing up in this area. These visuals are presented to inform as well as
to entertain. So have fun!


The team at In The Spirit Magazine has made a commitment to provide quality information. With the support of Lee Carroll, Jan Tober, Kryon and the Kryon team we extend our love and support to you as part of our family.

We hope you find pleasure and comfort in reading these articles and connecting with others of like mind and spirit. Please feel free to email us. We encourage you to also respond to the writers, share your thoughts and feelings on what they have written. We also like hearing what you have to say about the magazine. Your comments are important to us, after all, you are the reason, this magazine was created!

Barbara Harris

fax: 760.365.5646

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