By Barbara Harris

It was the night before Kryon at the Dome (, when Dr. Todd asked if I would be willing to try a new technique he had been working on to activate the Pineal Gland. Being the adventuresome soul that I am, I agreed.

When did Todd learn to speak Latin? The sound coming from Dr. Todd reminded me of a Priest reciting Sunday Mass. This was my first reaction to these extraordinary sounds coming from this extraordinary man. Quickly my attention turned inward as I noticed a slight pressure being applied to my face, then all of a sudden BLAM a jolt to the middle of my forehead brought me to a place that was unsettling, yet familiar. Not knowing what came next I focused on the sound. It quickly changed from what I thought was Latin to a language I did not recognize, but still felt comfortable and familiar.

As I let myself go deeper into each tone the journey began. I first noticed a vibrational sensation similar to a drop of water landing into another larger body of water. Next this vibration shifted into a spiral. As I felt the tone change, moving from my head down into my arms and hands, the next layer created what I described as an awakening within my body. With the next tone, a picture of a yellow white universe appeared in the middle of my forehead. Fascinated, I watched as this spiral universe grew and vibrated faster and faster.

The next set of tones brought me back into my whole body, which was an uncomfortable feeling. As I jerked and stretched trying to adjust to the denseness of the body, I noticed a feeling of calm and clarity. Gathering my thoughts I immediately, wanted to report the experience, a journey of what I do not know, but one that I was anxious to try again.

And so it was, the next day, at the Kryon at Dome event, Dr. Todd offered the "Pineal Toning Technique" to the group in attendance. As each person filed into the sound chamber of the dome I watched in anticipation. I knew from the night before what lay ahead for those who were willing to take the journey.

As Todd started the toning, you can feel a little uneasiness in the air. Needless to say, that uneasiness quickly settled into a vibration, a wholeness, within the chamber as each layer of the tones was revealed.

I can’t say what others experienced, but for me, that next phase of the pineal opening brought something totally unexpected. The night before, when I participated in the toning, it started out with a slow, calculated safe journey. This time - BOOM – I was moving fast, like a Star Wars movie. I was moving at warp speed with stars and blackness moving quickly around me. It threw me off guard, and actually made me a little uneasy. Realizing my responsibilities for the day, and knowing I had to remain "present" for my guests at the Dome. I quickly shut down the experience hoping to return on another day.

Many of the people sitting in that sound chamber on that warm sunny day had some type of experience. For my husband Rob, it would be one he’ll never forget.

Rob talked about watching Todd and wondering where the tones were coming from. When you looked at him (Todd) sound was coming out, but his mouth was not moving. When the sound in the Dome started to build an became louder, I opened my eyes to observe the same phenomena. Then something strange happened.

In a manner that was totally natural, I found myself toning along with Todd. Rob would later confirm he had the same experience. People throughout the dome started making the same set of sounds without knowing the sequence. As Rob put it, somehow, he knew what came next. It was familiar to the body and soul.

Both Rob and I and hopefully the beautiful souls who attended that event at the Dome came away feeling the "juice" It was beyond an experience, it was a reminder and a glimpse into revealing the true essence of the human spirit.

Barbara Harris
Owner of Adset Graphics since 1982


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