The following is a personal process for release, balance, and activation of DNA, channelled by myself, Karen Wolfer, and Ellen Kaufmann-Dosick. We have been actively involved for over 2 years in regular channelling together regarding the crystalline grid. Although the below process isn’t specifically grid information, it indirectly is involved since it deals with new DNA activating energies, which is what the crystalline grid is also connected with.

This is a simple but profound process. It would be best to find a 4-day grouping where you can give positive intent and honor the energy that this process needs to work for you. It is not an exercise that is casual and sometimes it can actually be felt emotionally after the first day. So honor your body and your spirit by dedicating quality time for this personal balancing. Discontinue any alcohol consumption for these days. Also, drink more water than usual and eat lightly. This helps prepare your body for this interdimensional work. The process has four sections and releases and activates interdimensional chemistry in the body.


- Do one process each day as listed below. Don’t change the sequence.

- The best time for it is at bed time

- (It takes at least three hours to work after you ask for the release/activation).

- Don’t try to stay awake for three hours.

- (The process happens while you are sleeping).

- You will naturally go to sleep right after you make the initial request.

- Your dreams may be vivid.


Each time, start the process by asking that your "full-self" be present for
this technique.

Next, call upon the twelve "Encoding Technicians." They represent the core instruction sets of all Human DNA. Inform them you are giving pure intent for this release/activation process. Visualize all this being done in perfect harmony and divine order with your body chemistry, no matter what your condition. See yourself awakening balanced with the process having been completed at the highest level. Upon awakening, thank the technicians, your body, and Spirit for what has been accomplished. You might say, "Thank you," and proclaim the process complete
in Love and Peace, Ease and Grace.

Day One – Physical
Release of the death hormone
Activation of the rejuvenation hormone

Day Two – Emotional
Release of the pain hormone
Activation of the love hormone

Day Three – Mental
Release of the fear hormone
Activation of the inner-peace hormone

Day Four – Spiritual
Release of the separation hormone
Activation of the re-connection hormone


Jan Tober

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