Dear ones,

I speak to those of you in America, in the culture of my partner (Lee). In your own back yard you now have those in need, in peril, in sorrow, and those who are deciding which of two basic energies to trust. Watch the split as we told you about many years ago... indicating a polarization within Human nature now, that will show up immediately when tested in this way.

Despite what you see on your news, there are many who are hanging on and trusting in the high spirit of their countrymen... you. Their prayers are indeed heard and there are millions right now who you are not hearing about on your news, who are turning their attention on them. Your compassion is pouring to them, along your light. Your positive actions will last far longer than the news reports of the negative, and this compassion that is generated for them is actually going into, and staying within, Gaia. Watch, for this eventually will tell a story about how you respond to your own, and when the tally is in, it will represent the greatest outpouring of support Americans have every shown. This is the good news of what is hiding here, but which is not immediately known.

Years ago we told you of these things. We told you of a changing earth, and about the weather intensifying. Now it is here. Human consciousness is shifting and Gaia is responding. With this shift carries a new paradigm of weather for your planet. It's a new cycle, and it's going to be with you for at least another 5 years, perhaps more.

Humans have always felt that they were able to meet the challenge of what natures provides for them. But now, nature is providing a different scenario than you have ever seen. Will you heed our information wisely and begin to adjust your lives, or will you cling to the old and try to fight, or gamble with this new paradigm of weather?

Hints: Produce electricity from the waves! Produce fresh water from the ocean! Build differently and plan for this kind of weather so that it is not a constant surprise. Technology is there for this, but is being held back for monetary and political reasons. Perhaps it's time to claim the wisdom of the moment?

Turn your lights on those who need you now, for that is the most important issue. Then later, when enough time has passed, become strong in your resolve to understand that everything you are seeing now is a precursor to a new kind of partnership with the forces of the planet. The shift is here that we told you was coming. Now it's time for you to share your light with those who had no idea about any of it. Perhaps this is what we meant by being the Lighthouse in the storm? Indeed.

You are ALL dearly loved.


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