Greetings dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. I am addressing those who love the earth, and those who's lives have been touched by those who love the earth. I address those who see into the future with a vision that goes beyond the "seasons of energy" which are upon you.

There has never been a clearer picture of the muddy water that you exist in! Indeed, this seems to be a joke sentence, but it is not. It is a real description of a planet in total disarray and confusion, but who's planners are clear about what they are doing.

Many have asked, "What's happening?" or "What's going to happen?" This question is on the minds and hearts of more humanity than ever before. Do you feel it? There is something happening at your cellular level that is making you uncomfortable.

Look around on the planet for a moment and ponder some things. Fifteen years ago we gave you some information about your potential future on the planet. We told you that back in 1987 you had changed things! It wasn't a snap-shot kind of energetic change, but one which had been brewing for a long time. But when the measurement of the Harmonic Convergence was made, things went into high gear, for it was obvious that you had made the agreement. Then later in 1992 you "signed it." (11:11). This was almost like an interdimensional commitment of humanity, present, past, and future. All those past lives that reside within you, knew it… the potential children that wouldn't arrive for years to come knew it, and the actual energy of the planet knew it.

The magnetic grid began to move and change to facilitate your DNA. In the process, it awakened old energy on the planet and warned it that there would be a battle. The Crystalline Grid began to vibrate higher, and even the whales in the ocean knew about what you had done.

We spoke of energy shift, DNA activation, and the potential of a "New Jerusalem" which means, Peace on Earth. It sounded like things would begin to shift and change, and that your lives would last longer, and that peace on earth would be something that you could "see around the corner." For awhile (up through 2000), this was the vision. Then it began to get dark.

The leaves of the trees of hope began falling off. The warm sunlight of sustenance and joy began to fade. Centuries of old energy erupted into hate and confrontation. Survival instincts began to create enemies. Political allegiances of many years were ignored and both real and energetic war began. Then the unthinkable… the actual "connection to God" began to change. Many felt it. Many reacted. Some even died on response. Some threw away their faith. Many true personalities were revealed, and betrayals were plenty. The real thoughts and core ways of Humans were being tested.

Then there were the Lighthouses….

Many Lightworkers of the earth awakened about 10 years ago. They saw the battle coming and claimed their place. They saw the storm coming and smiled and said, "Thank you God for bringing the end times, the end of old times." They struck their lights and began the process of shift and change. They risked their very existence to move their lights to where they would be needed the most, and they yelled at the on-coming winter of confusion…"Bring it on! I'm ready, for that's what I came for." They spoke many languages and sought out many cultures. When many were beginning to build fences around themselves, they were building gates. They defied all the signs around them and were peaceful. For this is why they came, and their lights began to shine. They knew about the seasons.

All of you are now in the midst of the great shift that we have spoken of. You are seeing the battle of the old and new energy and the long, dark winter begins. What are you doing about it? Did you get the messages of the last decade? Are you joyful that things are beginning to shift or are you fearful?

In the middle of all this turmoil, Venus transited, sending a signal to the planet that masculine-based organizations cannot stand. Did you understand that you just got reinforcements in this battle for balance of the planet? … or did you sit in the corner wondering if you will survive this?

Many of you live in areas on the planet which have harsh winters. You never get used to it, but you plan for it. When growing up, it only takes you a few years to understand about the seasons. So you prepare and endure the cycle of life. However, what if you had never seen a winter before? Can you imagine your dismay when the sunshine left and the trees seemingly all died? Would the sunshine come again? What was happening?

This is the spiritual winter we spoke of. The irony is that your summers will be the worst, for that's when these battles are best fought… when there is no distraction of weather. So again we ask, "How is it with you?" Do you see this winter and fear it? Do you see the storm coming and despair over it? Are you constantly wondering if you will survive, or if the earth is going into ruin?

Blessed is the Human Being who can smile at the on-coming darkness and see it
for what it is. For there will be a time when the sun returns and the growth is back.
The harshness will turn to warmth and what seemed to be dead will only be shown to be hibernating. The heroes you expected to arrive are growing up now, but they are here. The leadership you seek and do now see on the horizon is all in place, but not ready yet.

How long will it take? Expect another 4 years before you see change. What is going to happen in those years? Expect the storm to rage even more.

Meanwhile there are the Lighthouses. They stand firm, just as they always did. They take the blows of the waves but they are still there when the next one comes. They fight with light. For the exposure of the information is the key, and the energy of its transmission will seek the highest level. They do not despair, for they see the "New Jerusalem" as being real, and waiting in the dirt of the earth as a seed. Their work is to plant the seeds in the worst spiritual weather imaginable, knowing that the coming Spring will be grander than anyone can foresee.

Blessed are those who look for God in the storm. For those are the ones who will clearly see the Spring of the future, and will understand what to do to prepare for peace on earth.



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