Dear friends,

As many of you know, Patti and I live in San Diego County. The news of the fires in our city became national news when I and the Kryon team were presenting a large Kryon seminar in Mexico City over the weekend of October 20, 21. On Sunday night, Patti and I saw the beginnings of the problems on the news in our hotel room TV in Mexico and went to the Internet. It was there we saw the shocking developments that one of the fires had begun seemingly very close to our neighborhood in South Escondido, by the San Diego Wild Animal Park. As we got more updates on the Internet, we gasped as we saw our very street listed as where homes were currently being lost!

We quickly arranged to return home on the first available flight coming back to our area, and boarded a very early plane on Monday morning. We got to San Diego through San Francisco late Monday afternoon. We knew that mandatory evacuation orders were in effect for our neighborhood area, so we made reservations at a hotel in Mission Bay, a safe area away from the canyons that were all ablaze all up and down the coast.

As we landed at Lindberg Field on that Monday night, we were able to see it all from the air. The passengers, many of whom were returning home early from vacations, were very solemn as they gazed at the amazing specter - hundreds of miles of fires and smoke, seemingly endless, displaying an unbelievable horror within our sweet City.

San Diego is known for its weather, the zoo, and fine life-style, free from the harshness of winter or the soaking humidity of summer. It is a tourist Mecca and has been listed as one of the best places in the USA to live. Many retirement communities have developed over the years with lots of golf courses (about 80), making it a prime spot for relaxation and fun. One of the prime communities, very close to our home, was ground zero for home loss - Rancho Bernardo. It was on fire, and hundreds of homes were being lost as we watched from the air.

We arrived in our San Diego hotel and immediately turned on the local news, where we knew we would get a far better idea of what was going on. It would give us far more than we had been able to get anywhere away from town. Within moments, on came a video showing the house next to ours, completely destroyed, being foamed by the firefighters! The commentary indicated that other houses in the area had also been lost, but the one next door had not - (gasp). That was ours. Five others on our block were also gone. It seemed the angels wanted us to know that all was well. That was more than a coincidence!

We stayed in the hotel for another two days until the evacuation orders were lifted. The hotel was a high-end one (the only one we could find that had any rooms left), and we were expecting a very large charge at the end of our stay. Much to our amazement, this large hotel chain had cut the rate in half, as a help to those like us who were displaced. (Let's hear it for humanitarian corporate consciousness! Thank you Hyatt Regency).

We left the hotel on Thursday morning, when the mandatory evacuation was lifted. Residents could now return to our area. At the same time we were in our cab making it back to our neighborhood, the President was landing there! Naturally the freeway was stopped and we waited and waited for him to survey the damage and take off again.

Finally we rode into our area and were stopped by the National Guard. They wanted to make certain we were residents before we were let in. This was an ominous sign, since the only time they do this is to keep the "lookie loos" out of a major burn area. We rode in silence as we turned onto our street.

GASP! It was far worse than we thought. House after house was gone, and some of the biggest ones were simply rubble! We didn't know it was that bad, and our neighbors were out in force, all helping each other to cope. As we rounded the bend to our home, we saw our yard appear - what was left of it. But the house was standing! On both sides were burned out remains, but ours was there. Due to the incredible heat, we had lost so much of the foliage and trees around our home but the house was there. I approached the front door and noticed that the sprinkler heads and ground lights were melted. All that heat? Why wasn't our house gone? Then we found out.

This is the part where we go "what are the odds?"

The home immediately in back of us was occupied by a father and his sons. He is a contractor and just happen to have over 1000 feet of high pressure hose in his garage – the kind that fits fire hydrants! He and his sons, and some of their friends, ignored the order to evacuate and decided to make a difference in the neighborhood. The fire department was totally overwhelmed. He watched them drive in and out of the neighborhood, not stopping to beat down the flames - just too big! They were needed instead in other places where the population was greater (the hospital on Pomarado Road, for instance).

So the father and his boys, plus some other friends who were there, broke out the hoses and began. They were able to hook it to the nearest fire hydrant and started putting out the hot spots. As the fire storm broke over the hill to our home (and theirs), they made a stand. They climbed to the top of our roof and flooded it (it's a flat roof). They put out the fires that were burning in our trellis, which had started to burn the house. Each time an ember would explode against the house, they were there. They ran to the neighbors and did the same, then came back to do it again. They took all our wooden patio furniture and dumped it into the pool (so it would not catch fire). All together, from what we can tell, they saved their own home and perhaps six of the neighbors. In one case, when they knew the storm was too much for one home, they broke into a house and grabbed some valuable sports artifacts - things they knew were important to the owner, who had been evacuated very quickly.

These were our angels that day, and without them, we would have lost everything. Sometimes things work this way, and you can only say "what are the odds."

We wish to thank all of you who were giving energy to us and the many others in our area who were going through this time of uncertainty and fear. At some level it seems random, who gets to keep their home. I had been through this very thing some years before, also evacuated then. So I knew the potentials and had seen the loss of neighbor's homes then too! But I also know the power of light and prayer, and we felt all this during these days when we were uncertain of what was taking place. Asking for the "greatest good" was the issue for all of us.

My home is my office, and all the Kryon book masters are there. The computer files for the Internet you are looking at, are there, plus a treasure trove of hundreds of audio recordings and first editions of the Kryon work for 18 years. Being away, there would have been no way to save any of them. But a father and some young men, determined to "buck the system" and stay and fight, created a reality for all of us that lets us continue without the nightmare of having to reconstruct everything. Naturally, they are Indigos, for that is the exact attribute of an Indigo to buck the system and find a way that's better.

So the irony is that the very core information about the Indigo Children that we presented to the planet 10 years ago, was saved - by Indigos!

Thank you for all your support!

Lee and Patti Carroll