July 25, 2006

It's an important time in history right now, and those who are watching the international situation absolutely know that it marks a turning point. If you are Kryon reader, you may recognize that this was predicted 18 years ago in book one, and was discussed after that in most of the continuing books in the series
as well.

Kryon spoke of a "battle to come" that will be the fight between the old and new energy of the planet. In subsequent books Kryon even mentioned that it would be the definition of "civilization." He called us warriors of the Light, and named us "Lightworkers."

Almost all of the channellings for the last few years have been about this, and about the fact that we should be prepared by changing the vibration of ourselves first, and that this would change the vibration of the planet. He has told us, "Real lighthouses are never built in safe places," and that we are needed right now to balance ourselves to the degree that our light can make a difference. The storm approaches, and we are the front metaphysical line to meet it.

… and now it begins.

My disappointment in all this comes from a small group of New Age people who are making themselves vocal to me, plus the overall reaction of many Christians.
I have received a number of emails of fear, blasting me and my work, and telling me that there simply can be no way out of this mess, and that peace on earth is impossible. They go on by saying that the "joy of God" I profess is not possible in our lives, cannot be had, and that hatred and fear are the way of the earth. They have given up.

My reaction to this: "How about a little fire, scarecrow?"

In other words, now that the meal is about to be cooked, they somehow are afraid of the kitchen! Obviously there are many who wish to float through this and light candles and hold crystals, close their eyes and "pray it away." It's not going away unless Lightworkers do their part, and that's work… personal involvement in self improvement, and work for the planet. If you are paralyzed in fear, then you haven't really "heard" the Kryon message. If you are paralyzed in fear, you become part of the problem of earth, and not the solution.

The Kryon message has always been clear and strong: (1) Create a strong vibration within yourself as practice against what is coming. (2) Learn to put fear behind you, because it will disable you if you don't. (3) Send your light to those places on the earth that need it, and do it often and in groups. (4) Know that you have help from God, and that you are never alone. (5) Peace on Earth is possible in your time, but you will fight the battle with fear first, and each other second, until you create "the bridge of swords," something that is used both for real battles and ceremonies. (6) Many will have to leave the planet before the battle is over (Kryon Book One).

Lots of metaphors, but how can you miss the fact that there will be a struggle? Part of it now begins and I wish to ask, what are you doing? Are you shaking in fear, or are you on the way up the staircase of the lighthouse to strike your light? Are you complaining that peace on earth is a myth, or are you watching it begin to happen, through the balancing of Humanity and their choices? Do you understand the struggle of light and dark, and what happens to those steeped in darkness when the lights are turned on? Kryon has told us that they will "fight to the death" to have the darkness back. Sounds like a battle to me. This is what happens on an Earth that is vibrating higher, and where the light is beginning to make a difference.

Many Christians are rubbing their hands together in glee… sorry for the death and destruction they see on TV, but expecting the rapture to come any minute. They have completely ignored the fact that Hal Lindsay's book is now fiction (The Late Great Planet Earth). Even Time Magazine said, in an editorial about his predictions, that they had "Passed their 'sell-by' date." In other words, the Armageddon that is so anticipated cannot happen as scripture told us it would. The players are missing, and the timing is simply wrong. What they are seeing is the beginning of solution, and doesn't have anything to do with the second coming.

Proof? Read these words in 20 years and tell me if the rapture happened. It didn't, and won't. We changed that collectively at the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. We are collectively charged with creating the "New Jerusalem" and I believe that's what will happen.

In Jerusalem in 2005, Kryon told an audience that their solutions may actually eventually come from their enemies! What could that mean? I don't know. Long ago Israel realized that they would have to make concessions to those who feel their land was displaced… right or wrong. It has been a unilateral national policy that has been growing for over six years and through three prime ministers. In the year 2000 Prime Minister Barak actually offered the Palestinians a shared sovereignty over Jerusalem itself! But it was not accepted. I say this only to point out that the issues between the Jews and their immediate neighbors are no longer the big issue, and compromise is on the table and ready for action.


The big issue is the right of the nation of Israel to exist. Kryon told us that this was the core, metaphysically, for the "chosen people" of earth. Even now, they continue to be a target of complete elimination. They have been enslaved by the Egyptians, The Romans, the Nazis, and now verbalized yet again in modern times by Iran. [Kryon has explained why this is (in many channellings) since the Jews are the "pure karmic" group of the planet and hold the power of the Akash. Anyone who eliminates them will gain this position]. This may sound odd, too esoteric and unprovable, but what other group on the planet has had these attributes for 4,000 years? Show me and I'll reconsider the statement.

The Potential:

This flare-up in the Middle East will create many issues. First, they WILL stop fighting soon (sorry, Christians). After that, many will finally realize that in order for the earth to do anything at all about peace, Israel will have to be allowed to exist. Those who don't think so will slowly be realized to actually be the problem. This has been the "big issue" all along, and Kryon indicated it was when he said, "As go the Jews, goes the Earth" 18 years ago. The passion of Kryon has always asked us to put our efforts into Jerusalem, and not anywhere else, and "everything else will follow" [meaning the solutions for peace].

Potential: Out of this, the United Nations will get a new leader who will be more effective in putting some "teeth" into the terrorist resolutions that have been unanimously passed by the delegates of that world organization. If this had been done earlier, the battle you see today would not be happening. The UN has a place in all this, and can eventually be a major player in the resolution, the way the creators of that institution had seen many years ago.

This battle we are seeing right now has the potential to bring understanding of the actual situation to the world, and to begin to help sort out the real issues for those who have been sitting on the fence.

Who likes war? I don't. But if you thought that all this "foreign stuff" would slowly go away with time as you sit serenely in the USA with peace and plenty around you, then you haven't understood anything Kryon has said. Kryon told us that the very reason you are in this great land is to allow "the strength of the Lightworker, who is not in survival mode, to shine greatly." In other words, it's your responsibility to send light to Palestine (as Kryon calls the whole Israel/Palestinian area) in ways that nobody else can. Did you ever think of that?

Those in other countries often ask me, "Why do you in the USA have so much metaphysics… so much information, and so many channellers?" I'll tell you: It's not an accident. It's a mandate that this is where the work must come from to help those who are in survival mode… the ones you can see nightly in the rubble on TV. We are the ones who have most of the answers! Now let's manifest Light so that others in darker areas can "see" the treasures that have here-to-fore been in the dark, like wisdom, solution, and appropriate action.

If you are offended by this blog, I'm sorry. It's not my intention to offend anyone. Even my Christian friends (of whom I still have two), understand where I stand. I wish they didn't hang their hats on problems in the middle east and wind up the "rapture wagon" every time there is a conflict. They are such strong prayers, and we need them to concentrate on sending light too… the Christ light. It would help so much. Instead, they are concentrated on "getting out of here." They are going to be disappointed.

If you are prone to send me an email to tell me how my positive attitude and joyful continence are badly timed, don't bother. I'm busy climbing the Lighthouse stairs.


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