Following is an excerpt from a Q&A session a few days ago with a Russian Magazine:
From Russian Publisher, Sophia Publishing House in Kiev, Russia:
(Edited and condensed)

Kryon, while there definitely is an increase in spirituality in the last years, we also see a rise of religious intolerance, the "ours is the only true religion" attitude. Are they of the old energy? And shall we say it aloud that they are of the old energy?

What you are seeing in this current time that is really disappointing to those who love peace, is "spiritual rage." This is the fundamentalist who rages at the thought that there are those who worship differently or do not follow the ways of his culture. We told you about this early (Kryon Book 8) and warned that it would be the
very thing that would create the battle you are seeing now.

God is the essence of love that all Humans have, no matter what the doctrine. Its core information is positive, and finds divinity in everything. It does not puff itself up. It does not relish another's demise. It is a team member in creating a peaceful Human, not a hateful one. It does not judge who is, and who is not, correct and following the path. For many paths can reach the same Source. It doesn't frighten you, but rather, it lifts you up.

If you see a teacher or religious leader who says they are following a spiritual path, yet they compete directly with others and tell you not to go here or there, then remove yourself from them and use your own intuition as to "where God is." Do not involve yourself with their drama, for it is their own to solve. Blessed is the Human who finds God in himself.

Kryon, while we can have changed our future and escaped the "doom and gloom scenarios", it sometimes seems like there is more hate in the world every day. Some people even say nothing has really changed, and we still have the same level of violence on the Earth as ever. Some say it's an eternal polarity switch, rise-and fall process: a period of war gives way to a period of peace, but the war will be back in due time. Is it not a natural process, like the winter coming after the summer? Does the human society really make a linear progress instead of cycling over and over again?

It is indeed a rise and fall of energy as dictated by the energy of Gaia, not humanity. This is what the Mayans discovered in their calendars, which also the Aztecs claimed. Their calendars are records and predictions of energy cycles on the planet, and not just astrological events.

But these cycles are also with free choice of the Human to take advantage of them or not, and they last in excess of 1,000 years each. Currently you are entering one in 2012. This new cycle (or "new sun" as called by the Mayans) is cooperating with your new vibration. This is why we see so much hope for you, and also why there is so much strife right now.

Can you imagine what would happen if you kept a portion of the earth covered for years, and it did not see light? Everything which depended on the dark would collect there and thrive on things that need darkness. If you suddenly shine a light there, chaos is the result, where those who's very survival will fight until the death to bring back the dark things they are used to.

Are you understanding this? There will be a battle with those who have been in darkness, and have been happy with it. They are about power and domination and death. They are not those who believe differently than you, but rather those who demand that the light be removed, and nothing will appease them but this. Therefore expect them to fight to the death, and to involve you as much as they can. Remember, this is their choice.

At a time when the light is increasing, much chaos is the result. You are approaching that time I spoke about many times in the past 18 years where a chasm will open and almost every Human on the planet in a modern society must choose what civilization to belong to, the old or the new. The result will be the New Jerusalem. I never told you that it would be easy, or that there would be no war. What I told you was that a new consciousness on the planet will prevail, and that the "bridge of swords" would span that gap. Those swords are used in battle, and also in weddings and in celebration.

Blessed is the Human at this time who does not fear the changes at hand, but who instead strikes his light and sends it to those who are in the front lines. Send it right now to those in Palestine (Kryon uses the classic definition, which includes both Jews and Palestinians), for like you, they want a future for their children that does not include bombs and fear. But they need light and wisdom from everywhere, and that's where a global community of Lightworkers can make a vast difference.


Lee Carroll


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