Within the last six months, we have seen many changes. One of the most profound of them comes in two parts. (1) The increase in personal difficulties which seem like the dark side is powering up for a battle, and (2) A very obvious choice of many who used to be on-board with New Age ideas, but lately have almost self-destructed, removing their own light. Let's look at these two areas briefly, and how they relate to what's happening today.

(1) You may disagree, but one of the pillars of the Kryon teaching is that "there is no dark side." Let me explain: Kryon tells us that there is no group of entities or one big entity (horns or not) who is out to get you and pull you down. That all sounds fine, but it sure doesn't seem that way to many. In addition, it goes against ancient spiritual history, and I can personally testify that there is a whole lot of darkness going on! So what's really happening? If there is no actual dark side, then where are these challenges coming from, and why does it seem like we are being assaulted?

Okay... next step. Lets define what we are actually feeling. If it isn't the dark side, then what is it? It feels dark and ugly, and it's thick with purpose against us. It creates fear. Some folks prefer to call it negativity, so that we won't be confused with the guy with horns and his supposed entourage of demons. But to some, especially those who hear the voices and feel attacked by negative feelings, there is nothing I can say that will dissuaded them from feeling that it's an army of evil forces.

First, do you remember what Kryon told us of these times? Over 12 years ago we were told that this would be the time when the new grid would begin to settle, and that much change would be seen and felt. Weather would change and anxiety would increase. Disease and war would claim millions (Kryon book 1). Change would unseat much that had been seen as permanent in the world, and many would question their sanity. However, we would have no Armageddon. Instead, we would have Apocalypse (a Greek derived word which means, "lifting the veil.") Personally, I think we are right on schedule.

When I tell you what this dark energy is, some are going to holler, "impossible!" Kryon has been telling us for over a decade that we are powerful. We have the ability to change matter around us, and even our "aura at rest" has influence. By the way, for the first time in the history of my work, I have now been able to show scientific proof that this seemingly eye-rolling premise is indeed factual. This whole year (2002), in our seminars, we featured the work of Masaru Emoto, a scientist in Japan, and his experiments with water. Positively and empirically, it showed that Human consciousness is not only measurable, but it changes matter... we've got the pictures! So here we are being shown that we have far more power over mater and reality than we ever thought. John Wheeler, 90 year-old physicist, and colleague of Albert Einstein, gives us the most unusual premise of all: This researcher asks, "Does matter exist if the Human isn't looking?" He is one of the first to postulate that Human consciousness might be a huge energy player in physics (and it's about time). All this is to say that you and I are far more than blobs of accidental walking biology. We might actually have interdimensional power that postures what happens in what we call reality... the earth, the solar system, and our own personal paths. This then, starts to circle the wagons around the word intent.

So what does this have to do with negative force? We also have been told that we have a duality. Duality is a balance between light and dark within our own consciousness that drives us to seek Spirit, or not, depending on our own free will. Could it be that our "dark parts" are just as potent as our light parts? Kryon says yes, but that light is active and dark is passive, so although light will always eliminate the dark, if a person wishes to turn off the light, the dark will prevail, real and scary. Any Human who wants to, can also increase this dark energy within their own lives... even project it.

As humanity moves the balance of dark and light on earth, it actually changes the "middle point" of where the average balance is of everything. This changes not only us (you and I), but earth, and even our spiritual history. Kryon told us that all the old prophesies and channelling of the past that described the potentials of who we are and what would happen, now belong to another humanity, not ours. We changed tracks. Can the past change when we take action in the present? Yes. Hey, is this one of those weird metaphysical concepts? It used to be, but not any more. Just ask John Wheeler. His entire physics postulate is based around reality shifting and the ability of the Human Being to change the past by altering the present! (Discover Magazine, June 2002)

Kryon tells us this: As you change the balance of dark and light on the planet through your intent for ascension and interdimensional awareness, you are leaving a part of the old "you" behind. Due to the direction of the shift, there is an actual part of the "dark" you (in duality) which is about to be severed forever. This piece of "dark you" is fighting for its life! It's YOU fighting YOU, but personally it might seem like the demons of hell have ganged up.

What proof of this is there? Let me ask you this: Who knows you better than you? The attacks seem very personal, don't they? The "voices" know exactly what you are afraid of, don't they? And there is a very profound attempt from that piece which has been part of you, lifetime after lifetime, to resist and fight for survival. Remember Kryon Book Five, "The Journey Home"? Years ago, Kryon channelled about this fight, which the book's character, Michael Thomas had with "IT." Many asked, "What was IT in the book? Now we know: IT is the dark part that each of us has, appropriately, that keeps us guessing, and that makes this test of enlightenment all the more challenging, and in all fairness, worth it.

Even after you "slay" this dark part, there is still a balance of duality to contend with. This dual balance stays with us and asks us every day if we are doing the right thing or not. But the piece that is fighting to stay with you is one that knows you so well that is can impersonate anything. It's the monster under the bed, the devil, the ones who came to earth to get you... and (of course) the evil ETs and their helpers. It's all the conspiracies lumped into one, with your name as the target. But it's NOT. It's fake. Instead, it's the part of you, which is being sent into obscurity - a part that won't give up until you say "enough." You want proof? Okay. If it's a vast conspiracy of millions from the dark side, then how come they retreat so fast when you order them to? Why would such a powerful adversary be so afraid of little-old you? It's time to start "connecting the dots" as we are now saying. Think! Sometimes the intellect is very valuable at a time like this, in full cooperation with your emotions.

What to do? Laugh in the face of this energy. Then have a ceremony around it. Honor that it was part of your life for so long, and dismiss it in love. Embrace the fact that it's you, and then send it on its way. What are the steps? They are the ones you make up! Have your own ceremony, oh powerful one. Do you really need some guru to give proceedure to you? Make it a good ceremony. Burn something old... use symbolism if you wish, then move on!

(2) Kryon told us over and over that there would be an "end to the fence-sitting." Perhaps you thought that this would mean that thousands all over earth would "see the light" and join in an effort to change the balance of earth, and bring it into more light? Think again. It was a statement that meant that in these days you would really know where people stood. There would be a battle, not an earth war, but a battle. Take a look at the world right now. It's about choosing the very consciousness of civilization, isn't it? All in the name of God (just like always), consciousness if being tested. Light or dark? People are taking sides.

It's not all about foreign cultures either. Many in our own camp have decided that you and I are "blinding humanity with light." They have retreated to the old books about civilization being polarized with ET's and conspiratorial plots against humanity. They frighten you by questioning if the person walking next to you is even Human. (Do this for awhile and watch how unbalanced, fearful and paranoid you become. Agenda anyone?) They have decided to embrace a dark place that is very comfortable for them, before all this light arrived in 1987. I have lost friends who now see Kryon as the "great liar." They want you to think it's a big conspiracy to lull you into submission with love, so that the evil ones can take you away. These also have their books and their channellings to "prove it" within their own circles.

The darkness within each of them has won. There is no judgment here, just a fact. They are following their truth just like you are, so don't judge them or even feel sorry. It's all in the balance of free choice. I obviously don't agree, but I actually respect those who have taken a stand. I feel it's appropriate for us all to do this, and we are going to have to, in order to change this planet.

What should you believe? Which is correct? Why don't you examine both sides? Listen to everyone. Feel the energy of both camps and discern for yourselves which one is for you. Go to a spiritual place that you trust within yourselves and say, "God, please tell me what I should know." Then look around and decide.

I believe that humanity has thrown away the old prophesies, and the old conspiratorial texts. I believe that historians will point to this time some day, calling it a renaissance of sorts. I think those who wish to continue to embrace the dark will slowly be sucked into a place where eventually they will wallow in disappointment and fear, having separated themselves willingly from the love of God.

As for me, I am bathed in the love of Spirit and the knowledge that all of us arrived here at a time that Kryon is calling a "new dispensation." It allows us to decide our own spiritual fate, and it gives us tools of discernment if we wish to find them. I celebrate this time!