This article really warrants two separate discussions—one geared to what’s happening with the new Apocalypse (see Time magazine for the week of July 1), and another having to do with the increasingly fear-based information about the coming of Planet X.

What does the title of this article refer to? Well, it just seems like the fear-mongers are back . . . much like Kryon said they would be in a channelling last April. In 1995, I wrote the same kind of article about the “three days of darkness,” related to the coming of the photon belt. The date of doom came and went just like this one will.

I’m going to leave the discussion of the newly revamped fear about the Apocalypse for another article and concentrate on Planet X for the moment. However, I have to remind all of you what Apocalypse means. It was taken from a Greek word meaning “lifting of the veil.” That should tell you something if you’ve followed the Kryon work.

On the Internet these days, there’s a tremendous amount of fear-based information about the coming of Planet X. Seemingly backed by scientific proof, there are thousands of pages of Websites that are discussing it. The most vocal proponent is Mark Hazelwood, author of Blindsided. He has also been on Art Bell at least three times disseminating this information. The Hazelwood book came out in December 2001, coincidentally riding the wave of fear over 9-11. This is exactly what Kryon told us to expect. (Kryon Book Nine, Page 293)

I will start by quoting Kryon: When asked, “Is Planet X coming to destroy us?,” Kryon says, “No!” (You can read the whole quote on-line on this E-magazine under the May 15th Q&A archive.)

Here’s what we’re being told: In June 2003, Planet X will come racing out from behind our sun in a 3,600-year orbital cycle, and through “reverse magnetic force” and gravity, it will pretty well lay waste to all of us. The earth will stop rotating for a while, we will have a polarity reverse, and all the volcanoes will go off at once due to the reverse of the earth’s molten core. Major tidal waves will occur, and we will either be drowned or be toast.

What is Planet X? The so-called Planet X is actually a potential tenth planet of our solar system. There’s actually evidence that we might have had a tenth planet at one time, and this is often trumpeted as the main science behind the Planet X fear. Beyond that, not a lot more makes sense.

Who discovered it? The Sumerians. Zecharia Sitchin, an archeologist, and also one of the few who can interpret the language of the ancient Sumerians, first wrote about it based on a Sumerian artifact called “The Berlin Seal.” (His book is The Twelfth Planet) To understand this, we have to fill you in on the Sumerians. This was a civilization thought to be very advanced, who lived 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. Kryon actually spoke about this very group in Kryon Book Nine, page 222 (although not by name), so I believe that it is so. The Sumerians told a mythological story about the creation of humanity, similar to the Adam and Eve story. It’s complete with a fall from grace, a couple of angel/devil wars, etc., etc. But the biggest news is about Planet X. The Berlin Seal artifact shows a diagram of our solar system! It has 12 bodies in it (hence the title of Sitchin’s book, The Twelfth Planet). It is acknowledged, however, that the Sumerians counted our sun and moon in this scenario, so actually we’re looking at the potential of a tenth planet (one more than we’ve counted so far).

There’s already tremendous controversy about an ancient civilization that could know about the nine planets we classify today, much less a tenth one. Without telescopes, they couldn’t see some of the planets with the naked eye, and even the other larger ones were so faint and moved so slowly that they would have had to track them for years to know they weren’t stars. So put yourself in their place. Look up. Which dot will you track for years to see if it moves?
What if they did have telescopes? (Okay, it’s possible.) The experts wonder . . . if they did, then how come they didn’t also draw Pluto’s moon Charon, which is very large in comparison to Pluto . . . or why not the asteroid Ceres, which is about half the size of Pluto? For that matter, they would have also known about the rings of Saturn, an obvious attribute, but they didn’t indicate that either. More on this in a moment.

Is there a tenth planet? I truly believe that there could be. Using established gravitational mathematics, some astronomers have gone on record indicating that the history of the solar system may provide for it. There are actually many other astronomers on-board for this idea. Where it is now, however, is the controversy, since there are no credible sources saying that it’s coming our way. Dr. John Murray of the UK’s Open University believes he’s actually found it! However, he says it’s 30,000 times the distance from the sun that Earth is at the moment. The infrared astronomical satellite called IRAS has also found something very far away in the constellation Orion—that could be it, but it’s not headed this way.

How could the Sumerians have known? For that matter, why is it supposed to return every 3,600 years? First, The Berlin Seal gives us a number “3,600” next to the tenth planet, which they named “Nibiru.” This may indicate the yearly trip around the sun, as calculated by their math.

The arguments for it: 3,600 years ago, a lot of events were recorded that sounded like a cataclysmic event. Tidal waves, a potential comet pass, and so on. Many of the indigenous peoples mentioned it, and even some geologists have indicated through the study of rock strata that indeed, something happened 3,600 years ago. Some of the indigenous ones even said “The Sun stood still.”

But . . . remember the prophecy? The incredible gravity and magnetic force of Planet X is supposed to stop the earth’s rotation and turn us upside down. If anything like that happened 3,600 years ago, it would have been a total extinction of all life on the planet (which didn’t happen), not just a notable pass-by. In addition, I give you a little math of my own: Right now we’re all going almost 1,100 miles an hour! That’s the speed of the earth’s rotation at the equator. Can you imagine stopping something that’s going that fast? Even a “slow stop” over a few days? Everything would be destroyed—totally—not a tree standing, nothing. Mountains would go flying. Mark Hazelwood says that he advises people to up a mountain at least 1,000 feet. Sorry Mark, that won’t be good enough. If you run to a mountaintop in California, within a few seconds you will probably be in pieces somewhere in Montana. Perhaps something did happen 3,600 years ago, but it wasn’t Planet X, as we’re being told.

Here’s something else that you haven’t been told. Even Sitchin doesn’t believe that it’s coming next year! Why? Because he knows that the Sumerians used base-6 math! Want to more about that? Read Kryon Book Three, where Kryon talks about the elegance of base-6 and base-12 math. If they used base-6 math, then 600 was probably equivalent to our base-10 math’s 1,000. Considering this, then it takes the prophecy of a return visit completely out of our lifetime.

However, this might also explain how the Sumerians might have known of the planets. Kryon told us that any civilization that uses 6- and 12-based math will be using the “math of the Universe.” Perhaps they even had help from others? I don’t know. But it might explain how they could have figured out our solar system without ever seeing it. It would also explain why they didn’t draw it to scale, or why they didn’t draw the other obvious attributes.

Why can’t we see Planet X now? If it orbits the sun, why haven’t we seen it? The argument for it: It’s in an extreme elliptical orbit . . . much like Halley’s comet. Halley’s comet comes once every 75 years, and we don’t really get to “see” it with the naked eye until a few months before it circles the sun on its way out again. Planet X is supposed to be like that, where it won’t be noticed until it arrives very fast, being drawn in by the sun’s gravity in its elliptical orbit around another sun somewhere.

Okay, but if it’s coming in less than a year, why can’t we see it now? The argument for it: because it’s hiding behind the sun! You can’t see a marble behind a bare lightbulb, even if it’s close. The sun hides it with the glare.

Let me give you some science—things that they are not giving you. First, this tenth planet called Nibiru is called a “brown dwarf.” Often portrayed as “failed stars,” brown dwarves are bigger than giant planets like Jupiter, but their individual masses are less than 8 percent of the sun’s mass so they can’t shine like a star. Brown dwarves are best viewed in the infrared because surface heat is released as they slowly contract. That’s why the infrared astronomical satellite IRAS (mentioned above) is able to find these things so well. Want to see a comparison of just how big a brown dwarf is? Click HERE for a photo. Don’t worry, you can come right back after you’re done. Note that it’s enormous, much bigger than anything we have in our solar system. Think . . . elephant and mouse . . . Planet X and Earth.

Here’s another item that isn’t being mentioned. Did anyone remember that we’re circling the sun, and at a fairly quick rate (we go around it in only 365 days)? That means that today, if Planet X were hiding behind the sun, in about a month or so (having moved 1/12 of the distance in our orbit), we would be able to peek around the place that was hidden before! On infrared, this behemoth brown dwarf in our own solar system would set off alarms everywhere. We also now have adaptive optics imaging . . . the ability to cancel out the earth’s atmospheric blurring. But Hazelwood says we won’t be able to see it until a few months before, and that there’s a tremendous conspiracy to keep it a secret.

Here’s what the Planet X folks are saying: “Every secretive government agency in the USA is fully aware of what is expected in 2003 and are readying themselves. The Vatican is fully abreast of what’s expected. The public is not being warned and given their chance to prepare.”

Let me reveal something: The great big telescopes of Earth, including Hubble, are all being used to map and discover interstellar space, not our own solar system. You know who’s constantly looking at our “near neighborhood”? The answer is tens of thousands of amateur astronomers . . . all watching, watching, watching. Some of them are looking for asteroids, some for new comets to name after themselves, and many have very sophisticated telescopes . . . yes, even with infrared photo capabilities. If you believe the above quote, then you have to also believe that these thousands of regular citizens of Earth are all simultaneously winking at each other, saying, “Hey, remember not to mention the you-know-what, coming you-know-when.” Does this even begin to be believable to you? Well, thousands are buying it.

So, this phantom planet—a failed star with a potential of being up to 75 times the size of Jupiter—is “sneaking” into our system. How? They say it’s due to the fact that it’s really going fast! So even if we do see it, it will be “on us” right away. There’s a scenario on a Website called Zetatalk* that gives the approximate distance and speed of Planet X as it approaches. They give dates and the distances, from 11/99 to the flyby in June 2003. The big problem here, when you do the speed calculations, is that as it passes Earth, Planet X is going 7.8 million miles an hour. Why is that unbelievable? Because 1.3 million miles an hour is the escape velocity from our solar system! In other words, it would simply go flying into space instead of staying in its reported orbit. Math, anyone?

There’s more. Global warming, the incremental slow-down of the earth’s rotation (due mostly to our own gravity), weather changes, and much more are being used to verify that it’s coming. Finally, here's one more thing. We always assume that our solar system is some kind of clock whose mechanics are always turning exactly the same way. In fact, indeed it's a clock, but a very complex one (ask any Astrologer) What if it's true that Planet X is on its way? There is no solar system rule that says that every time Planet X comes to see us, the solar system will be exactly the same and that all the pieces will be in an identical place each time. It might come and go and be so far away, nobody will even care. Will your birthday in 3600 years have a planetary alignment exactly like the one you were born with? Think about it.

Perhaps you still want to believe it all and head for the hills (as though that would make any difference)? Well, don’t write me with your comments. I’m tired of defending Kryon’s message of hope and promise against the doom-and-gloom fear mongers. There’s a better solution. You don’t have that much time to wait. Instead, in July of next year, why not ask yourselves, “Was all the drama worth it?”

For me? Next May and June, I’m going to get out my lawn chair and have a party. Remember what Kryon has told us? "What you do today can change the past." I claim this.
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