Hello to all,
I am sending a grossly paraphrased joke, but one that has been my favorite for a long time:

A man had recently decided to become a monk and was placed in a monastery to study and learn. Upon arriving there he was told that his first assignment was to go into the basement to continue the work of transcribing original scrolls that had been passed on for years by the monks. The monk asked his teacher, "How do you know if the transcribed works are accurate? What if we've perpetuated errors in translation for thousands of years"? The teacher told the man to go and begin his work and he would learn how things were done. The new monk went into the basement and began transcribing the scrolls. Soon lunch and dinner had passed and the new monk had not come out of the basement. The teacher finally became worried about the man around midnight and went searching for him. He found him in the basement sitting at a table with tears streaming down his face. The teacher asked the new monk what was troubling him and the man looks up at the teacher and says, "the word should have been "CELEBRATE".

I had told this joke at my work and one-day I came in and the signs reminding us to "calibrate" certain instruments had been changed to "celebrate" and it cracked me up. This word had many close spellings.

Warm and humorous thoughts to you,
Carol J.