When you see the colors in the sky, in the clouds, recognize the truth that within the universe lies the potential for great healing. The earth carries a great burden at this time and needs the colors of the universal mind to complete the task of healing within the boundaries of love. When but one recognizes the need to nurture, that one will open the chasm and let the light shine forth in multi dimensional thought.

The rays of intellect will see the sound of heavenly rays. Be but one that sings the song of peace to all humanity, see the colors in the clouds, recognize yourself in the mirror image of one. The source flows endlessly from soul to soul, reach in and bring out the love, the pure intention of thought, the multi dimensional aspects are endless. Grieve not for life goes on and on, growth never stops, grow to heights not imaginable before.

Blessed are the ones that see the truth within the globe of memory, feel it, touch it, take it out and remember it, for it is you, it is the one pure essence of belief that cannot be taken from you. Joyous dances are for those that gracefully accept the missions given to them. Go forth and dance, find the joys that wait but a kiss from remembrance. See the light envelope you within it's warmth, it beckons to you to lie within its glow, raptured and abundantly loved, cocooned in Gods rays of golden light shine upon you now.

Cry the tears of joy, feel the love within your very essence, the vibration of your own self awaits to be awakened. Follow the heart that beats outside the box; open your heart to accept, that which is gracefully given. Find the freedom in yourself and give that freedom
to all.

Kathleen Hogh
February 5, 2005