Come with me, Beloved One

Dearest light-ray of the sun

Hand in hand, we are to soar through the sky

Let us ascend to the highest tip of the highest mountain

Where life's joy peaks in its all

And we, too, will revel in our fullest

Then, let's descend to the lowest valley in the lowest land

Bearing witness unto life's pain, in its all, crying out for relief

And we, too, will let go of our tears

Come, O Beloved

Come let us discover that which is between the highest mountain

and the lowest valley

This place is sacred and holds the secret mysteries of life

Yet these mysteries are subtle and can only be revealed

through moment upon moment of experience

So for now, let us land

That we may stand

And reside

When and where we abide

And if we wish to fly

Always, it is ours that we may

Yet for now it is ours, as well

To be present in our day

And peaceful in our night

So that when we spread our wings once again

We will "just" soar

In gratitude of love's true and balanced flight

in love, mike