Loneliness (A Label of Change)

Alone, the sign of just 1.
Nobody else around, not even the sun
Darkness and Gloom surrounds the room
The feeling of none has circum to loom

Why, Why, Why is it to be
This Loneliness when there is three
Me, Myself and I, a sign of the 3.
How can this be, Loneliness in three

One is alone, Three is not
Is it just me or have I lost the plot
No one around so how can there be three
I See, I Hear, I Feel there is more
Is that someone knocking at the door

What are they saying, that this great
They are Happy, Joyful and Loving I see and hate
How can that be, they are Happy with me.
The Darkness and Gloom is not so bad.
What are they showing me, that they are glad…!!!

Within the label of Loveliness there is fear
What is this, from the past I hear
Old energy pattern is breaking
New energy pattern is forming
Blank is the energy that I now see
Do I need to fill the fear with Love in me
Manifesting the Love from within
All they show is a Happy grin.

You’ve found it you feel
That moment of Love, that has always heeled
So Loneliness once was or was it at all
When so many were helping climb the wall.

Darkness and Gloom is now Bright and Light
I feel great, loving with sight
Seeing these answers that came to pass
No wonder they are Happy as they Dance and Laugh.