Through Him We Shine

His light, His glory bright for all the world to see
Shines through us as we praise Him for all eternity
His love a precious gift, that rains down from the sky
We are loved, we are protected under his ever watchful eye.

His light, shines brightly even in our darkest hour
He adores and protects us with his almighty power
Our pain healed, our minds at ease, our troubles laid to rest
Our Lord, our God, through him we’re forever blessed.

Through Him we shine
Our light Devine
Illuminating all in our way
Through His light, throughout the day
Through Him we shine.

His light, like a beacon draws us to be near
It engulfs us, it fills us, while casting out our fear
His children, He fills us with his unconditional love
Readying and preparing us for our journey to Him above.

Annalize Lewis