By: Jane Bennett

In 1983 my spiritual journey began in my room card and gift shop in New York. While checking inventory I blacked out and fell to the floor. Actually, the journey didn’t start that day, but it was definitely a deciding factor in choosing the path I would take.

Who knows how this all really works? Do we choose to contact the unseen forces that rule our lifetimes or do they choose us? I didn’t know it at the time, but the powers that be were watching over me that morning.

As I opened my eyes, paramedics were carrying my body out of the store on a stretcher. Customers stared at me as the ambulance doors slowly closed. I didn’t recall seeing any white light or visions while I unconscious, just black nothingness. I blinked once or twice in the ambulance and awoke in the hospital. No fear. It felt delicious to close my eyes and go to sleep.

When at the hospital, doctor asked if I knew of any reason for a brain seizure. Embarrassed to admit, I shared with them how I had been playing Russian Roulette with my life. For quite sometime daily pressures had been leading on a dangerous path. I was mixing copious amounts of tranquilizers and antidepressants with lesser amounts of wine. I was depressed and distraught with four children, low self-esteem and believing I was not the mother they deserved.

I told the doctor I did not have much wine that morning. He said, "It didn’t take much once a substance becomes toxic to the body. He went on to say that he has seen some addicts’ seizure and die just with a whiff of alcohol.

My hospital stay was intense requiring me to go off all medications cold turkey. I don’t remember much and was surprised that I was surprised that I had to be interviewed by a psychiatrist before being release, Ahh, talk about denial.A few months before the seizure, I met a woman who worked in the bank where I kept my account. At that time, she reached out to me in friendship, but I hesitated. After the seizure I was drawn to her.

She told me of things she was involved with that were hard to explain. She intuitively knew that I was meant to learn about them too. I met her teacher Ernie who also turned out to be one of my customers and the owner of a local diner where I ate several times a week.

Ernie and I never exchanged words except for a simple smile or hello, but he seemed to have peaceful intuitiveness about him. "Do you understand that the world is run by what we can’t see?" he asked. At first, I was unable to grasp everything he talked about. That first night we met, he asked me to choose a book from his vast library. I told him that I didn’t understand half the titles and couldn’t make a selection. He told me that whatever book I selected was the right one. I randomly selected "The Thunder of Silence" by Joel Goldsmith, a great mystical teacher, author and healer who died in 1964. I was so profoundly affected by this book that I think it changed my DNA.

I didn’t have much time with Ernie, but it was enough to jumpstart my interest in "the work" as a lot of us call it. I moved to Jacksonville, Fl. and I worried that people like Ernie would be hard to find in the Bible belt. I visited several traditional churches in search of Jesus. Maybe I couldn’t find Him because I’m Jewish. But so is He.

I called my friend and she suggested I look in the Yellow Pages under "occult." This led me to WHVH Book Shop; a metaphysical bookstore run by a retired couple that met and married in England during World War II. She specialized in astrology and he in numerology.

One reading from Harold and I was hooked. Some said he is a prophet or a Piscean master. He was my teacher and my friend. Ethel and I, both Geminis, became very close and she is also my teacher.

From the moment I met them, I began to understand the concept of Karma. I thought I moved to Jacksonville for every reason except the right one. I was destined to be here. The angels brought me here so I would be safe during some very rough years. I still wonder who asked whom to the cosmic party, but now I don’t care much about the answer.
Thank you for listening to my story

Jane Bennett,
9439 San Jose Blvd., #37, Jacksonville, Fl., 32257