From Our Readers - 6-4-03 -


One of my all time favorite words ( NO, not what you with dirty minds immediately thought, ) is the word epiphany. I think the first time I heard the word was from Susan Anderson, at the Gold Star Sardine Bar (666 N. Lake Shore - Chicago. )

The word " epiphany " first appears in the work of Herodutus, Greek Historian of the fifth century BCE, and means " the coming to light " or "approaching of gods. " Seals depicting revelations have been found on the island of Crete that are older still.

In present day, "epiphany " refers to a sudden recognition or insight into the essential meaning of something. But, a favorite part of the definition tells one that the revelation is usually brought on by some simple or commonplace experience. Something unfolds, sometimes in a flash and sometimes in slow motion. Out of conventional time or space or language. (the above written by Ann Jauregui, a psychotherapist, in an article in her book : Epiphanies: A Pschotherapist's Tales of Spontaneous Emotional Healing. )

So have an epiphaneia Day Everyone.



Expansion is the natural extension of All That Is
We Are
We Are
We Are
The Flow
We Are
All That Is

Truth claims not nor could it be claimed
Freedom holds not nor could it be held
Yet, if we define this as this or that as that
Feeling held or wishing to contain
We are still True
We are still Free
And so is everybody else
Because every "body" is more than their definition
So much greater than a form within a limited space
"They", We, Are all things and no thing
All-Being, One
With The Creative Source
Within The Activating Force
That allows for games that there could possibly be anything "other".

Love demands nothing
As we can allow ourselves to feel One with Love
We cease the need to control
Nor do we feel controlled
We cease to be in need
And in so doing "return" to the Abundance of our All

I Am In Love With You
And since You Are Everyone and Everything
I Am In Love With All Of Creation
You Are In Love With Me
And since I Am-Beingness
You Are-Isness Itself

Freedom for me never ceases to amaze and delight
For as we judge
Love judges not
And as we fear
Life flys unconfined to one spot
And what envelopes me even further in Joy Itself
Is that We Are One With This Love
With This Life
As Our Very Freedom
As Joy Itself

Appearances are just that
Reality knows not of "bad"
All There Is, Is Love
Pure and Innocent as the morning dove

Just a few thoughts for now, in wordless appreciation of you all, michael:)