Kryon in Hamburg, Germany ~ October 6th and 7th, 2001 ~
The University of Hamburg!
The auditorium is prepared on Saturday morning, early. You can't see it, but that's a bleary-eyed Peggy Phoenix Dubro and Robert Coxon, plus technicians, way down at the stage.
The German Crowd
Looks different with the people, huh? The Germans (and many from other countries) were extremely gracious, and welcomed the Kryon team very warmly. 750 attended both Saturday and Sunday.
Todd Ovokaitys
(left) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys' presentation was received extremely well. See the notes they are taking! Todd's AV presentation regarding new discoveries about DNA and aging were warmly applauded. We don't ever remember an entire crowd interrupting Dr. Todd with applause for almost every slide!
The Team
Everyone is here except Dr. Todd! (Busy studying)
(left) It's hard to see everyone's face, but the German host Jürgen Lipp is the one at the left. His daughter, Hanna is next, then our German publishers Steve and Petra Ostergaard and Konrad and Karen Halbig.

(right) Robert Coxon, Jan Tober, Lee Carroll, Steve and Peggy Dubro (EMF Balancing Technique)
Todd Ovokaitys and Jan Tober:
Share Italian Food at a German Hotel. Go figure!
The Elysee Hotel

This is part of the lobby of this fine hotel where the hosts placed the Kryon team. Is it inside or out? The answer is inside.. with Coy fish and parrots and fine food!

Hamburg was wunderbar!