THE KRYON TEAM - First time
November 16, 2011
Host - Celeste Motter
Translations - Leslie Pascoe
Photos by Monica Muranyi
Lee Carroll - Robert Coxon
Marina Mechava - Jorge Bianchi

Iguazu Falls is one of the registered wonders of the world. Located on the border between Argentina and Brazil, it completely dwarfs my own country's Niagara Falls, and we were all amazed by the scope of it. So here are some seminar photos (Yes, we actually did a seminar there), and then click HERE to see some great photos of the falls. Also... please see our free 12-minute video of our fun, scored with music HERE. I want to come back to this place!

The KRYON TEAM was there, including Robert Coxon, Jorge Bianchi, and Marina Mechava. Fun beyond words! I highly reccommend this adventure if you are in South America.

Lee Carroll