Dr. Todd Ovokaitys (C)
Anders Holte (L)
Marc Drost (R)
Mauai, Hawaii
December 19-21 - 2012
Host - GemNJoy, Inc.
Photos by Monica Muranyi - Connie Okelberry
Patti Carroll - Lee Carroll

We apologize that we don't also have a panoramic photo of CHOIR A. But... um... believe it or not, this was taken by an iphone 5!
This iphone has panoramic capability, and only Monica had this. Our big expensive NIKON 300 did not! YAY iphone (sorry).
Monica and Connie traded off participating, then photographing the events.
Connie was the photographer for CHOIR A, and Monica was CHOIR B.
Do you know how to tell the difference between CHOIRS in the main photo page?
Hint: Todd changed shirts! It's one of the only ways to tell (unless you see yourself in the crowd).
Lee Carroll