Southern Germany ~ July 2004
Hosts -
Steve and Petra Ostergaard
The Bodensee*: Enjoy the photos below as Lee and his wife Patti enjoyed a week with German publishers Steve and Petra Ostergaard in their hotel/home in Uberlingen, Germany. We also traveled the surrounding areas, experiencing some of the most beautiful and serene places we have ever been to! Thank you Steve and Petra!

*Also known as Schwäbisches Meer (informally) and sometimes Lake of Constance
(above) The area of Uberlinger, a village on Lake Constance. The Ostergaards also run a hotel called "House Rosengarten" (below) and publish their metaphysical books in the German language from there. (above) Lee, Petra, Patti, and Steve.
(left) The House Rosengarten Hotel, located next to a rose garden (of course) in the town of Uberlingen. (above and below) This is a story-book land!

(left) The Birnau church interior
(above and below) Photos from the Island of Mainau, a Swedish island on the lake developed and owned by Lord Bernadotte... a beautiful botanical garden.
(below) More storks! We saw many in Franc and Spain also. (below right) One of the oldest preserved ancient settlements on earth at the museum of Pfahlbau in Unter Uhdingen. This museum is an active research project into Bronze Age (2,000 BC) The word “Pfahlbau” means built on pilings.  Archeologists have discovered several sites on the Bodensee as well as other lakes where people built entire villages on pilings over the water. Below that is the seaside city of Unter Uhdingen.
Castle Neuschwanstein!
Yes, this is a real castle! Built by King Ludwig II, King of Bavaria 1864 - 1886
It was never finished, and Ludwig was ah.. well.. you can read all about him here:

This castle is now a tourist attraction run by the state of Germany, but is most famous for being the model for Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty's Castle."

For more information"

(above) This is the only photo on this page NOT by Lee Carroll. He didn't have his helecopter that day. (smile)
(above left) Steve and Petra (above) Lee and Patti.

(left) Stay here at your own risk!
I wonder if they know what this means in English?