Third Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 1- 8, 2002 ~
Ship: "Voyager of the Seas" JAMAICA PHOTOS
Photos by Lee Carroll and Gary Liljegren
Information: If you come to Ocho Rios hoping to find eight rivers, you're bound to be disappointed. The name comes from the fact that the English mistook the old Spanish name of Las Chorreras, meaning 'waterfalls,' for the easier to pronounce, Ocho Rios.

Ocho Rios (the Jamaicans call it Ochi) is situated in a bay where you can find Turtle beach. Down town you'll find many restaurants which serve good food and where it's joyful to sit and relax. The number one attraction in Jamaica is Dunn's River Falls, just outside Ocho Rios. These falls have a height of 180 meters and come down via several plateaus and rush into the Sea. It's very slippery but that didn't stop a whole bunch of our Kryon cruise attendees from climbing it! At the feet of the falls is a wonderful beach.

(above) Here we are... some of us. We are on the pier at the dock of Ocho Rios (shown from the ship at right). We are waiting for a boat to take us to Dunn's River Falls!
Here are some of us who decided to be in the sun on the way (very, very bright and hot!) That's our ship in the background. Note...the ship is practicing life-boat drills while we are having fun!

(left to right) Mary Ellen, Barbra, Robert, Jan L, Lee (put your hat on, Lee), Peter, and Connie.
(left) This is the beautiful Jamaica beach that greeted us right off the boat. (above) Dunn's River Falls, about mid-way up.
(above) The group summons up their strength to climb the falls. Here they are seen convincing themselves that they can do it. See the special shoes? These are needed to grip the slippery rocks.
Okay, Lee didn't climb the falls, and there is a very good reason. He stayed behind to co-create growing a new arm out of his back.
Hey... you guys are supposed to be paying attention to the water, not the photographer!
(above) It begins! Be Careful!!
(left): Getting very, very wet! (above) WE DID IT! WE DID IT! Members signal the Hawaiian "hang loose" hand-sign. Oops.... Some are not familiar with the "hang loose" hand-sign and are signaling something else. Connie is signaling for 4 of something... Peter is snapping his fingers. Robert obviously doesn't know the sign at all. Come to think of it, the only ones signaling the "hang loose" hand-sign are Mary Ellen and Len... and they live in Hawaii. It figures. (above right). Peter and Connie. Where did you guys get the flowers all of the sudden?
(above, left) Barbra Dillenger and Jan Liljegren at the top of the falls. (above) Afterwards, Barbra and Robert take a dip in the wonderful aqua-blue waters of the Jamaica beach.

Um... ah... Gary lines up to have special Jamaican hair-braiding done.

He's still waiting there right now.
Check out Gary and Mary Ellen. What was in those drinks on the way back to the ship?