Third Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 1- 8, 2002 ~
Ship: "Voyager of the Seas" SEMINAR PHOTOS
Photos by Lee Carroll and Gary Liljegren
The three Kryon seminar meetings were held on deck 2, in the ship's conference center. It was tough to think you were in anything but a hotel! Occasionally the room moved. This made you remember...
(above) Unlike the one or two-day Kryon seminars, in a week-long trip, there is time to expand what the team members do. Here Robert Coxon gives a music lecture on the power of the certain musical resonances. This was wonderful and inspirational information!
(above) Jan Tober opens the meeting as usual, but this time with new chakra information that will be the core of the future Kryon meetings in 2003.
(left and above) Barbra Dillenger is a world class teacher of life color, numerolgy, and interdimensional information. Here she is giving one of the two lectures that were part of the Kryon itinerary
No cruise is complete without a concert by Robert Coxon. Here, in mid-week, Robert previews some of the new music to be released in his new album, coming in February 2003. Those on the cruise were the first to hear some of this music, and listen to the insights on how it was developed.
(right) Lee Carroll, in channel, with Robert Coxon accompaning...
There were three (3) Kryon channellings on this cruise. You can read the transcription of the one given the first day at:

(above) Lee looks on as Robert makes some comments on the last evening.