Third Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 1- 8, 2002 ~
Ship: "Voyager of the Seas" PHOTOS
Photos by Lee Carroll and Gary Liljegren

LOTS OF PHOTOS! Be patient while they all load up!!
The Voyager of the Seas is the first of three built of this type... the largest cruise ships on earth. Here we are anchored in Jamaica.
The ship is simply immense! Here is from the stern, anchored in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. At the right is a view from inside the main mall area, showing the luxurious elevators... 11 decks are served by these open glass lifts, extremely impressive!
What port were these photos taken? ... none. It's the grand interior of the ship! This mall featured shopping, parades, and wonderful parties all through the cruise.
Above (left): Spacious cabins with an outside balcony! The two photos at the right are of "Studio B," the ship's ice rink!
Naturally, no ship is complete without a miniature golf course and a full casino! Can you tell which is which?
You never had to leave the ship! Many found the (above) spa and we lost them! Facials, massages, the works. If you liked pools and hot tubs, they were everywhere (right and below). This is the view from one of the 14 restaurants and lounges throughout the ship.
The two photos below are the grand dinning room (below right) and the 1100-seat theater (below left) where lavish productions were seen throughout the cruise.
Okay... how many times did Lee give up having lobster in the main dining room for a hamburger at Johnny Rockets? He's not telling!
(above): we see a theatre production finali.
Photo, courtesy of the website [],
(right): This is the area where you order excursions. It's also the area where you get extra keys because you locked them in your cabin. It's also the place where you find out where your luggage went to on the day where they had to sort and deliver over 10,000 bags! And.. um.. it's also the place where you settle your bill ... $500 in water bottle purchases? ... an inside joke (actually, no joke for some of our attendees)
The Bridge Tour!
With security very tight, no bridge tours were available on the ship. But Lee and a few others on the ship got one by special invitation. How? He thought the captain would respond to something nautical, so he told the captain that he was an "English channel." Get it?... The English Channel? ... never mind.
If you're a techo-nerd, this is a dream! Very automated, and world-class touch-screen, "glass cockpit" instrumentation lets those who steer and maneuver this vessel, do it with extreme precision. One interesting fact of many: The ship is driven with electric engines called "Azipods." They are pods that descend below the ship's stern, completely encasing the engines and props together. Therefore the huge ship's diesel engines only produce electricity! Two of the three Azipods can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing the ship to turn on its axis (with the bow thruster). The other interesting fact is that these special props PULL the ship through the water instead of the normal method that PUSHES a ship. This also means that this huge vessel has very little wake turbulence... even at full speed. Automated and computerized stabilizers create a situation where the maximum accepted roll of the deck is maintained at no more than one-degree during normal cruising speeds through a medium sea.
(Left to right): Watertight door control panel; The radio bay.. an automated feature that has totally replaced the need for a
"Radio Communications Officer" on board; The weather station... very elaborate and watched constantly.
(above) Only a small portion of the bridge actually houses the various systems. The rest is very spacious
(above): Lee says "... and what happens if I push this button?"
(above): Our tour-guide/bridge officer gives a prayer of thanks that Lee didn't actually push the "go to the lifeboats" button
Hey look!!
We have actually captured the elusive Captain himself, on his bridge... wow!

Oops... sorry! It's actually Gary Liljegren, the Kryon webmanager. He sure does look like a captain!