Fourth Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 7- 14, 2003 ~
Hosts -
Sojourn Tours - Mary Ellen and Len Delekta
Ship: "Norwegian Star"

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San Marga Iraivan Temple

This visit was one of the highlights of our entire Hawaiian cruise. Only recently opened to the public, this monastery is a jewel in the already spectacular energy of Kauai. Our thanks to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, headmaster at the monastery, for his graciousness in allowing us to visit such a sacred and profound place!
Please check out their web site:
Our guide was Yogi Mahadeva
... we all loved him!!
The Temple (above and right) under
You can even watch the progress of the temple being built at and even participate in the funding of it if you wish.
(left) This is a close-up of the giant crystal in the sacred room at the left. It's huge and powerful! Many experienced its energy.
Yogi Mahadeva
(left) A sacred place of honor and worship.

(below) The grounds of this monastery are breathtaking. Truly this is a place where enlightenment exists and where devas dwell. It touched us all, and we were greatly honored to share it with those who live there.
Photos by Lee Carroll and Alex Luna