Fourth Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 7- 14, 2003 ~
Hosts -
Sojourn Tours - Mary Ellen and Len Delekta
Ship: "Norwegian Star"

LOTS OF PHOTOS! --- please be patient while these pages load up
Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Star

91,000 tons - 2,240 passengers
15 passenger decks - 1,000 seat theatre, shopping malls - 9 restaurants - Atrium - A floating luxury hotel!
Photos of the ship... not too many people... but the ship deserves its own page!
(above) The spectacular Atrium (lobby) Notice the glass elevators in the back? The Internet Cafe is on one of the balconies.To the left is the Theatre, where musical productions were held, as well as group activities and lectures.
Lots of restaurants to chose from (up to 9!) and, or course) chocolate night!
Chocolate night!
Who is that at the right? Look at how much is on his plate!
(left) The Bridge. Shhhh. Don't wake them up!
(above two rows) The view from one of the wonderful "balcony cabins," a feature of most of the upper decks. (top right) In Kauai, a pilot boat drops off the Harbor Master. (row directly above) Promenade Deck 7, where the lifeboats are, and also the best views!
(above - left to right) - Learn the Hula in the Spinnaker Lounge - Dazzles Night club - The art auction hallway
(above two rows) Various stairways and passageways, all with wonderful detail. (Directly above) The spa! Many took advantage of this facility as well as on-board massages. Check out the view from the spa windows (center above).
(above - left to right) - The Galleria Jewelry - The Library - The Galleria clothes, perfumes, and more!
(above - left to right) - Life Boat drill on deck 7 - Muster station in the theatre for some - A supervisor's "skiff" is launched
(left) The chapel... just in case you meet someone special (smile)
(left) Sunrise on the water in the middle of the Pacific ocean.

Sunsets are especially nice on the ocean from the ship.
Photos by Lee Carroll