Fourth Annual Kryon Cruise ~ September 7- 14, 2003 ~
Hosts -
Sojourn Tours - Mary Ellen and Len Delekta
Ship: "Norwegian Star"

LOTS OF PHOTOS! --- please be patient while these pages load up
(left) The island of Maui greets us from the ship. We had just traveled 1200 miles from fanning island, and it was great to see! (right) On the coast by the town of Lahaina, where many of us met for a wonderful theatre experience.
(left) Getting off the ship. ID's required to leave and come back. (middle) The dock at Kahului - (right) The sail-freighter Carthaginian, has the only authentically restored brig in the world, features a whale exhibit and includes audio and visual displays.
(above) Lahaina Harbor once provided a safe haven for whaling fleets and sail-powered freighters. Now It's filled with shops of all kinds and (unfortunately) traffic that often rivals any town anywhere!
(above) At the end of the day, most of us enjoyed a theatrical experience called "Ulalena." This is a spectacular exposition of some basic Hawaiian culture and history as told in dance and music. We highly recommend this to anyone visiting Maui and Lahaina. You can see the website of this fine performing organization at The above photos are from the publicity from the Maui Theatre in Lahaina.
(above) Coming back to the ship, Michael and Barbra peruse the wares from a local vendor. (middle) Lahaina afternoon (right) Going through security to get back on the ship, with searches of your bags... much like the airport, but with smiles all around.
(left) Exhausted from shopping and the theatre, the spirits are still high (at least in the 3rd row) as we head back to the ship on the "Kryon Tour Bus"
Photos by Lee Carroll