The Hawaiian Cruise ~ September 8-15, 2001 ~
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Alan Cohen....
Hey! What does this famous author have to do with a Kryon Cruise, anyway? Well, see the book on the right? It's alan's book called, "Are you as Happy as Your Dog?" It's about his dog...Munchie. And guess where Alan Cohen lives? Maui, Hawaii! Soooo... we called and asked if we could meet his dog when the ship got there. His dog came, but we didn't get any photos of Alan. After all, it was his dog that was famous... one of the cutest dogs we've ever seen!
PS: Want to know more?
Are You as Happy as Your Dog?
Alan Cohen
Robert Coxon gets his turn with Munchie... the star.
The newlyweds, Mary Ellen and Len look on.
Jan Tober takes her turn too!

Hey! Where's Alan Cohen?

He stayed in the car.... Can't compete with a dog like Munchie!