The Ms Patriot
The Hawaiian Cruise ~ September 8-15, 2001 ~
The Aloha Tower, a national landmark on the island of Oahu, shown in 1927, and in 2001. This is at the port where the cruise ships dock.

Some things don't change much!

Getting Around
There is a stairway kind of like this one (right) on every one of the nine decks. I say "kind of like this one." It was tough remembering where you were, since things look alike on all decks. This was deck 6 (I think). There were also elevators (Whew!)

We really only had to remember where the food was.

The Stars and Stripes Lounge. This is where the shows were held, complete with a small orchestra... okay... very small orchestra. Hula lessons, musical comedy, you name it, was done here night and day.

(left and below, right)

If you are claustrophobic, you shouldn't spend much time in the hallways to the cabins (above). If we were underway, you had to hold on to both sides of the hall in order to walk.
Time to relax!
(left) Cruising between the islands was supposed to be a time to relax. Unless you were at a Kryon meeting, that is...

Shop till you drop!
(right) Real stores with fun merchandise. There were some sales too. Hmm. There were also some sails. (sorry)
Going once...
(left) Believe it or not, there was even an art auction!

I don't know if they ever auctioned Art. I'll have to ask him when I see him.

(right) Good Morning!
The breakfast bar. Each morning started with the U.S. National Anthem, as played through the ship's PA system (8AM). Even Robert Coxon, our token Canadian, learned the words.
(below and above) This is the end... ahhh, the sternum... ahhh, the opposite of the pointie end of the ship. We got very nautically technical after awhile.
(above) The lifeboats!
We had a lifeboat drill where the expert crew actually lowered ALL of them. We also got to wear life vests (ugh!).