"The Journey Home"
2005 - The 10th and last time!

Facilitators & speakers for the new Kryon JH experience 2005
Dr. Sid Wolf, Dr. Amber Wolf, Lee Carroll
Staff JH helper: Connie Okelberry
Lots of big photos... be patient while they load! It's worth it.
Photos by Connie Okelberry & Lee Carroll
We thank our Ph.D. staff Drs. Sid and Amber Wolf, co-creators and facilitators of this seminar!

At left, they show how chickens walk... (just kidding)

I caught them explaining breathing exercises, but it does look like they are chickens, huh?
Take a good look! These represent the last attendees of "The Journey Home" experience. We have done it 10 times, and now we are developing a brand new personal experience retreat for 2006!
Our Group!
(above) Staff members Amber Wolf, Connie Okelberry, Sid Wolf (right) with the big sword, Lee Carroll
Pura Vida Spa & Yoga Retreat
At the base of the Blue Ridge mountains lays a valley rich with Georgia's lineage of beauty and southern hospitality.
The Food

Each day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner was served in our own private dining room... some of the most healthy food on earth!

The Sword!
Working with the sword and being "Knighted" as a "warrior of the light"
are ceremonies that are right out of the Journey Home book!
Other Ceremonies and
group activities
Other ceremonies (below) are about Michael Thomas' map, the house of WHITE, and many others...
Washing of the feet...
...an act of love and respect.
(left) Dr. Sid Wolf shows how to grow hands out of the sides of your stomach...

(okay, okay... Amber is hiding in back, but in this photo you can't see her!)
Kryon Book Five