Montréal, Québec, Canada ~ May 22, 2004
Hosts - Marc and Martine Valée - Arian
e Éditions
Montréal: We've been in this auditorium before, and it's just perfect for an Ariane meeting. Marc and Martine Valée, (a brother and sister team) represent Ariane Éditions inc., the company which has translated some of the world's best metaphysical authors into the French language worldwide. All the Kryon books are translated into French through Ariane, and it was Marc and Martine who took the Kryon team to Europe for the first time many years ago.

Montréal is one of the few places where we receive the technical expertise of simultaneous translation, where these French language attendees are able to hear the English translation in real time through tiny head-pieces which they wear during the seminar. Alain Kalfon was again our world-class translator, and proved himself as one of the best we ever have! (Keeping up with Lee's speed-talk is tough!)
(above) A blurry Marc Valée exits the stage (it's a time exposure) as Jan and Lee get ready to enter. This shot was taken by Lee behind a curtain!
(near right) The auditorium while we get ready (in the morning)

(far right) Robert Coxon
gives a small concert. This is his own home town!

(below) Marc and Martine Valée say a word of greeting.
(above) Lee and Jan in front of the AV screen.

Gaal and Reine-Claire present information around their work and their book Transparence... regarding sounds and consciousness in relationships and activating and anchoring light into the planet

Lee Carroll and Jan Tober and Robert Coxon present for the
Kryon team.

(Okay.. so the cell phone thing wasn't part of the concert, but you knew that, huh)