New Orleans, Louisiana ~ March 23, 2002 ~
Host - Anne Haddad
Where's the Kryon seminar? It's New Orleans, and everyone is trying to find it! (yeah, sure)
Setting up (above) This is the ballroom, at 7:30 in the morning... ZZZZZZZZZ
(Above - left to right) Dr. Todd Ovokaitys, Jan Tober, and Lee Carroll

(Left) Jan Tober leads her Color-Sound Meditation with Robert Coxon accompanying.

(above - left to right) Bea and Betsy, Anne Haddad (our host) with helper Lenell and Jan with friend Andrea Vogt.

(Left) Jan Tober and Peggy Phoenix Dubro. See the book Jan is holding? It's Peggy's new release! (finally!)
See the boa around them both? Hey... it's New Orleans!

(Right) Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon in Jackson Square near the French Quarter.

(Right) Jewelry!
Take a good look... all of it is custom made and designed by Jan Tober.
She brings new pieces at each Kryon seminar.
(Right) Busted! Steve Dubro and Shana play a computer pinball game during the seminar! Wait until Peggy finds out!
(Above and left)
A Riverboat and tugboat on the Mississippi river.
We had a great time!

These are photos of the famous French Quarter. The history of New Orleans is rich, and we are headed right back for 2003!

Thank you New Orleans, and all the folks who honored us with a wonderful event!

Photos by Lee Carroll